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how do i get my lover to leave her husband?
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how do i get my lover to leave her husband?

Until she's a widow, she's off the market. That's what the ring on her finger means. Of course, if something terrible were to happen, and she were to lose her finger.................

What makes you think she really wants to?

Do you have any idea what it is like to be in a family of adultry??? I hope she doesn't have children!!!! You need to read the bible, go to church, maybe a SINGLES bar and be with SINGLE women. You know you may love this women but she is already taken.

AussieBum Lover
...maybe she doesn't want to ruin your life by burdening you with her own problems.

You don't. Why are you trying to break up a family? Can you not find a single girl?

ppl who break a marriage will never find happiness in life.
Get out of her life if you love her and let her to be faithful and have a clean normal life.

You need it hacked off .

ask her if she loves you more than her husband... if she does, then tell her to leave her husband and spend the rest of her days with you instead...
BUT, do try to consider a few things... do they have kids? how old are they? how will it affect them? can you take guilt of breaking a family for your personal happiness?
sometimes, REAL LOVE is SACRIFICE!

She may not leave her husband, depends on how she is at home. Maybe she is playing head games. But, before you think negatively, ask her how much she loves you. Tell her you want to take care of her, and you want to be with her. Let her know much you care and think about her all the time, then let her go for a little and don't put any pressure on her, cause that will only make her hestitate.
I wish you all the best.

If your lover hasn't left her husband, she probably won't, She is using you.

Don't do it. If she is married --don't do it. You can rationalize it anyway you want to, but you know its just wrong.

what makes you so sure that when you finally have this lover of yours she wont be asking us again how to leave you inorder for her to go to another lover

if you really love her
get off your lazy *** anf fight for her
tell her husband you love her and that you are going to have her
and if he whants to keep her he better treat her better

best case, you get her

worse case you makle there marriage better ]

Trust me on this one man

Have faith in God
he wil get you though it

here's a question for you. if she is willing to cheat on her husband, a legally, morally and emotionally binding tie, what makes you think she won't cheat on you? why would you want to be with someone like that in the first place?

whatever method you use it will be used on you by someone to get her from you

She's That Chick
I don't think you can get her to do anything. She has to be ready to do that on her own. She might tell you that she wants to, but in actuality, she isn't ready. But if she takes it to the extreme though and starts thinking that she can have her cake and eat it too, then you need to let go.

dont get her to leave she has to want to and if you told her how you really felt and she still hasnt maybe the thing is what shes telling you might be lie she might be just having a rush of lust!

Points for the Apple G5...

Dude, you really don't want that. You're just asking for trouble.

Don't think you will, but if you do get her to leave her husband, it won' be for you.

You can't get her to leave her husband. If she haven't left already, she will not leave.

Why do u want to break up a marriage? That's a sin...think about it...would u want ur spouse to leave u for someone else. I think ur being very selfish. Put urself in his shoes and see if u can manage walkin in them....they say what goes around comes back around....hope it doesnt happen to u.

Can't the three of you work it out together?

aww dont be a home recker!!

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