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how do i get my wife to calm her temper? she gets way out of control, even to the point of hitting frequently?
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how do i get my wife to calm her temper? she gets way out of control, even to the point of hitting frequently?

no way, if she can not handle her anger, then that is a problem, instead of screaming at you, tell her that you will not talk to her if she continued to scream in that way, tell her in a strong voice that you are only going to communicate with her, when she calms down, tell her at an anger outburst in a very confident way: "you are very angry right now, i am ready to talk to you when you calm down" and repeat it often, ...
do not take it very seriously, people who are angry and scream try to throw their anger on somebody else, and that is very bad in a relationship---
your wife has to learn to handle her feelings, to talk what bothers her without shouting, she should visit a counsler for the problem, or you go to a councler, a psychologist, tell him or her about the way she is treating you and how you can make this thing not affect you,,,,

have her arrested for domestic abuse get a restraining order keeping her away from you ask the judge to order her to seek counseling.

But by all means report it, Many men are abused but since they don't report it the perception is men are the predominant abusers.

Hit her back and watch how fast you are arrested.
as for hitting a woman, if she acts like a woman treat her like one, If she wants to act like a man treat her accordingly.

Your wife needs counseling and anger management courses. This is physical abuse and should not be tolerated. It will only escalate as you can see. Now she is hitting you with her hands, next time it will be a bat.

If she refuses to get help, then she has to leave the house. If you have children, this is not good for them to hear or see. Even thought they are not receiving the abuse, it still caused emotional damage that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Send her to a doctor for some tests. If you are not the one causing the mess by cheating on her or going on walk abouts and not explaining things. You could be the one creating the rage surges.

make like that one famous dude, either piss on her or split because something is not working right. you either have to make it more wierd or remove yourself.

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