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how do i stop having negative feelings about my relationship?
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how do i stop having negative feelings about my relationship?

i have been with my boyfriend for 7 months now and feel that he will get tired of me and leave. what can i do to change that feeling?

Don't panic. It sounds like you might have some self-esteem issues but this can be fixed. I can tell you now that I used to be the same way with my relationship in the beginning. At one point I kept having recurring dreams of my gf with other guys (the worst dream was when she stood there, kissed this guy and said to me 'what did you expect? We've been together for the past 6 months - you can pack your bags and go now'). Of course none of this was true ... Insecurity is a normal part of an early relationship when you haven't had a lot of experience or have been burnt in the past. My suggestion to you is to sit down and explain how you feel to your bf. If he is responsible and mature enough, he will work on trying to reassure you and make you feel comfortable and secure in the relationship. These days many guys simply lack the patience to deal with their partner's concerns. This is a shame! I believe that if you really care about someone, you will make the time and effort to reassure them and show them you are there for them. Make the effort to spend time with him, relax and try this simple technique: everyday spend at least 10 minutes thinking about positive things you have enjoyed with your partner. Don't let negative thoughts creep into your thinking.

You need to work on yourself. It seems you might have some low self esteem issues going on, and perhaps abandonment issues. You're not going to have a healthy relationship with that baggage.

Dear friend, This kind of problem nowadays has become very common. I suggest you a simple and serious idea that you should go anywhere or contact less with him/her for a few days then check him/her out again. Please tell me once you do it. Thanks.

Yvette E
I would say that your feelings may have a basis. Have you had any disagreements lately or did he say something that caused concern on your part? It is key that you also communicate these concerns to him, for you to better understand if there are things that you need to both work on or to be sure about the next step that you need to take in your relationship. Then will you only know if your concerns are legitimate or not.

Yes you are having feelings that you have to change. If thought of yourself as a great person you would not be concerned that he would leave you, so you need more self esteem and self worth. Read books, take a class and if workbooks are available do those too. You can build your self esteem, find yourself and start feeling like a more whole and complete person that is absolutely worthy of the best, including a wonderful boyfriend. And by the way, you already ARE a wonderful whole and complete person who deserves all the best, you just need to learn some skills to allow that part of yourself to come out and play.

Learn to meditate for ten minutes each day, and you will eventually cease to have fearful thoughts. If you really want to combat your fears, then make the effort. Good luck!

be open. and give him surprises. i thought i would get tired of my gf too, but she always does something new that makes me happy.

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