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how do you apologize when you don't think you were wrong?
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how do you apologize when you don't think you were wrong?

I have to write an apology, but I honestly do not think I did anything wrong. It is to my brother who took my facebook status the wrong way, so I unfriended him. (yes this is really what he is mad about) Apparently this is enough to not talk to me anymore and then to convince the whole family to have two separate Christmas celebrations so he doesn't have to see me. Anyway, I'm getting married (think he's mad about that too or something) and I want to at least try to get him in the wedding party, so I have to apologize.
I'm just not really sure how to apologize to him because I honestly didn't do anything I consider to be wrong or mean.
any advice will help

"Just wanted to drop a line to you to see if we can get together and put all this badness behind us. Whatever I did I apologise for, I had no intention of upsetting you this way and its all got out of hand. You know that I am getting married soon and I do want you at my wedding and in the photos. Its important to me that you are there since you are my brother and I care about you a lot, even if I dont seem to show it at times.
Please ring me for a chat and maybe we can meet up for coffee at some point and bury whats happened.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Love ..........."

You dont have to cut your wrists and bleed all over him, so dont make it a long drawn out letter full of sorrys and apologies etc., send him something simple and to the point and he will get the message. Then it will be down to him if he can swallow his pride, if he gets in touch thats magic because he has shown he is willing to chat.
Best of luck.

Are you serious? Grow up and DO NOT offer an apology to someone who needs psych. testing, for real. He will divide ad the family because of infintilism on FACEBOOK> ANd YOU< stop trying to fix him, because he will hold this over your head and do other nutty things. BLOOD IS NOT THICKER THAN WATER> GRIEVE THE LOSS and move on. The real thing is I wish you a happy and successful marriage. YOu and husband are your NEW NUCLEAR FAMILY< Brother is who you were with in your PAST nuclear family. He really needs and complete battery of tests: Emotional disrders, anxiety disorders and behavioral disorders. He is an attention seeker, he needs his milk bottle, and throws tantrums. he is low self esteemed and jealous of anything and everything. YOU CAN'T fix him, Psychiatry can help him. IT is way too bog for you to so anything about, get it?

i would say this..

Dear ______,

I am truly sorry for the harm and pain I have caused you. Apparently I am extremely shallow and I do not know proper etiquette, social skills nor do I know how to communicate. I want you to know that you are a much bigger person than I, and will take the appropriate actions, avenues and classes to learn how to be a better human being.

Facebook is extremely serious and I will admit that I treated it as more or less of a joke. I now realize the seriousness of my callous ways.

I will NEVER in my life ever un-friend you or any other human being. My actions were horrific and of truly the lowest of low.

If you can reach to the depths of your soul, please find it within your heart to forgive me.

I am begging.

At this time, I would like to apologize to all people of the world who have been un-friended by someone as heartless as I am. I hope and pray that you too will be able to forgive your sinner who did that to you, and move on to a healthy, happy and productive life.

I'm sorry that my FB status hurt you (NO BUTS).....so, blah blah blah


It wont cost anything to say sorry but bring family together

Silly Pal
Don't, Just let him stew. He's a drama queen. You don't have time to play in his sissy life.

Free 2 B me!
you need to apologize for nothing but a misunderstanding...
you need to apologize for your parents not understanding
you should talk with your parents...write it in your UN apolgize

Henry Chukwuebuka
not only wen u do wrong thing 2 people dat u il say sorry . some times people hurt u and u go ahead and tel dem sorry dat does mean u are a fool or something is jst 2 make sure al tins are in other. so jst go ahead and say sorry there is no big deal

Apologize for the pain you caused him. It is an apology, but you are not admitting fault or guilt for anything you did.

Of course, without knowing what you posted or his reply, unfriending your brother seems a little harsh.

I think an apology just enables him to continue acting like a baby. Honest truth.

However, for the sake of mending things.....tell him simply that you didn't mean to offend him and you're sorry that you did. Boom. Done. Simple.

Geez, I can't believe how so many people get their panties in a ruffle over stupid facebook!

La Vie Boheme
I would REALLY suggest calling him. Writing seems like the easy way out. If you REALLY feel that you did nothing wrong, you can approach the apology by saying something like "I'm sorry you took it the wrong way" or "I'm sorry you feel this way"

Sleepy Dad
Use the word regret. It means that you don't like the outcome of all of this but you are not admitting to any wrongdoing (politicians do this all the time).

For ex.

Instead of "I'm sorry for hurting you feelings" (admitting blame)


"I regret that your feelings were hurt by this situation"

Wow, the evil facebook fallout syndrome. My brother freaked at me for trying to friend him, then I got upset with "But I'm your sister!!", and he said it was just for high school buddies.
We aren't talking either.

This stuff is so silly it hurts. I hate facebook.

Apologize. Work out the fine print later. DO it because you love him and he's family.

I wish I could, but he moved away. :(

Common sense isn&#39;t anymore..
Don’t apologize. He is an emotional blackmailing bully. Ignore him. Take the high ground and literally do not say anything. Nothing negative, just act as though you have nothing to say on the matter. If family asks, tell them plainly that you refuse to be pulled in to his bizarre issues and do not wish to speak about it.

Just be totally upfront with him and tell him what you just shared on here - that you honestly believe you did nothing out of malice. If this strife continues it will result in even more alienation, and this isn't what you want especially before your wedding. Suggest to your brother that the two of you meet at a restaurant so you can 'break bread' and discuss the unfortunate situation. By taking the initiative and making an effort to show him you are wanting to clear the air, hopefully he will be more willing to listen and understand what you need him to know.

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