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how long does a divorce take to come through if u have been separated for 13 years?
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how long does a divorce take to come through if u have been separated for 13 years?

if you want a divorce just get one you,ve waited thirteen years whats afew more month

ben c
If both parties agree on all the terms and conditions, it can be done in 2 months. If you do not agree, it can go on for years !

hi if you have been separated for 13 years your divorce should not take too long a matter of months depending on the other person, are they agreeable to the divorce?

andy a
if it is non contested depending on the county it should take about 30days from the day filed. but why would it matter how long it takes you havent done it for 13 years.

Richard G
If you've been seperated for 13 years, then the divorce should have been final about 12 1/2 years ago!!!!

No longer if an uncontested divorce. Longer if contested with property. I was married for 10 years. My divorce came through in 6 weeks. Uncontested.

atif k
i think 4 months

It takes about 60 days.

It only takes 3-6 months usually. Unless someone is not filing for divorce on their end. You being separated for 13 YEARS tells me your spouse has not gotten a lawyer, or filed for divorce, OR you cannot seem to agree on terms. Either way, a good divorce attorney will never string you along that long. Think about it....13 years seperated? Someone is not doing their part to end it.

Depends on what state you live in. In PA, it's 90 days for a no-fault divorce.

Sara G
I would say just as long as it would if you hadn't been separated. All the same paperwork will still have to be completed.

After five years seperation you can divorce without the consent of the other person. The quickest way is a 'DIY' divorce. You go to the court and ask for the papers, fill them in, pay a fee then follow the process through. Because theres no solicitors involved its a lot quicker and cheaper. The forms are quite easy to fill in and it only takes three or four months altogether.

Tippy's Mom
Depends, when were the papers filed? Where were the papers filed? Who filed the papers? What are the reasons for the divorce? Anyone protesting the divorce? Any issues that need to be decided? Whats the big rush after 13 years? Or is this what the new love is saying? Ask for proof my dear before proceeding any further. Good luck!

charles l
Where do you live? In Colorado it is 90 days Lets talk I can help Charleslugenbeel@yahoo.com

You're now in a hurry after 13 yrs of doing nothing? It takes time. Depends on where, kids, property, etc....

my uncle just got a divorce and it didnt take long i dont think...depends on your situation..money...kids etc i think

Jessica H
depends on how long the two partys wish to drag it out. It can take a few months or it could take several years. Talk with your lawyer.

sexy c
not long if both parties cooperate.

My divorce was final 8 wks. from the day I filed. It takes longer depending on your custody, property issues. Hard to be patient after 13 years, but it will happen.

If you have been separated 13 years whats the rush now?

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