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how long must you wait to get re-married after getting divorced. (to different person)?
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how long must you wait to get re-married after getting divorced. (to different person)?

*) ayla
how long do you want to know your next spouse? try at least a couple of years to get to know someone before you marry them if that's possible!

Mary S
When my mom got divorced they said no one in the city, state, country, or world for 6 months... Just like that... It was kinda funny...

In Alabama there is a 45 day waiting period

Clueless n 21236
you can get remarried anytime after you have the final divorce decree from your first marriage

'Always Ask Why'
lol damn, a year at least. You need to make sure there are no disingenuine reasons to marry.

Give it some serious thought, i wouldnt make a lighthearted decision to do it if i were you.

Same day the divorce is final............

depends on your state.. in wisconsin, for instance, you have to wait a year, in illinois you can get married the next day.

Nic nak paddy wak
6 months, or that's what it is where i am at.. My ex waited his six months and was married on month 7.. lol And it should state that in your papers.

loves christmas lights
It can take weeks and weeks to get your final divorce decree, you need to call the courts and ask the clerk when to expect the paper work. Every state, every country is different. Why do it again so soon afterwards, you either do not value a marriage or need to spend more time getting to truly know the person you want to marry. Your destined to keep this cycle up, you know that right?

von L
If your divorce is final then you can get re-married the next day if you so choose.

Didn't you learn the first time? Why not take it slow this time so you make sure there isn't another divorce in your future.

Good luck

must? don't know

should? long enough to not make the same mistake again

legally - the ink does not have to be dry - immediately

you might ask friends and family what they think about a quick re-hitch - might look like you're on rebound - but as long as you don't care what other people think - go for it

good luck - wish you all the best

My Three
you can get divorced in the morning and be married that same day. well you have to apply for the marriage license prove you are divorced and what ever there wait period is like where I am from it takes 3 business days to get your marriage license.

Rudolf da reindeer
lol u bounce back FAST ha ha maybe an hour?

I dont know but, my grandpa got married 6 months after his wife died. but that was a longgg time ago. back then it was unheard of to be a man and have a kid and no wife....

it doesnt matter! when ever you are ready and in love!

To my knowledge, there is no waiting period.

Whenever your heart and soul is ready to

Sum L
no time limit...if you're in love and want to get married do it. I don't think theres a law on it. People get married and re-married all the time. The girl you're marrying might think you're weird for marrying too soon after getting divorced if its your idea to marry again. But I say whenever you want!

There's a six month waiting period in Wisconsin.

I dont think there is a rule about how long...were you seeing the new person while you were still married? I mean if you just ended a marriage are you sure you want to rush into another one any time soon anyway?

I would wait until the ink dries on the Final Decree - :)

About 30 seconds after the divorce is final.

Whenever it feels right, make sure your family is comfortable with it.

Q to the U
As soon as the divorce papers are signed and the court stuff is set aside.

Although, on a interpersonal note, that sounds pretty shady.

a day. if that.

According to who?

Zero milliseconds

there is no time limit..the next day or week would probably not be a good time.

at least a week

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