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how to deal with irresponsible husband?
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how to deal with irresponsible husband?

weve been together 4yrs from now,3 years as bf gf and 1r married,but eversince he is dependent on me,he have no guts to apply for a job and even to help me out with all our expenses inside the house,he keeps on promising me that he will find one but until now that we have a 7 month old baby he doesnt have one yet even being a fishball vendor sor sales man or any blue collar jobs,my family and friends hate him and also there are times that if we fight over those situations he will hit me as well,what should i do to for him to strive harder should i give him space to think?or should i be separated from him, im falling out of love to him.now hes in baguio with his relatives for a month now me and my child was left here instead of takincare of our baby he is there doin nothing.all special occasions like christmas new year na dour first anniversary he was there.should i stil accept him if he comes back?thanks!!

Jamie London
Your marriage is going through a rough patch and if you don't take some positive steps now, it will just be more difficult to continue the relationship. He must realize how badly he has acted and take responsibility to be a better husband and father to your baby! I think you need some counseling from experts, professionals who have helped thousands of couples like you. As a first step, I would recommend that you check out the website below. It has many articles and e-books you can download instantly. Some of them come with private consultations you can do online with the licensed relationship counselors. For example, there's "Save My Marriage Today" and "The Magic of Making Up." Lots of luck -- you will find all the answers you need to guide you through your difficult time.

Listen Carla, you have a chance to get something better out of life. This man has shown you that he will beat on you and not do his part as a husband and father. Why would you want him back? Carla change your address or change your locks and move on. You can do bad all by yourself. There is a man out here who would be glad to be the man that you need him to be. You deserve to be happy and to have a man who will help provide for you and your child. Run Carla Run and don't look back.

If you're not happy about it, then do something. If I were in your place, the answer is hell no. I'll find a way to support myself and my baby. That's one less mouth to feed since you've been single-handedly supporting your family. You'd just be unloading a big chunk of heartache if you kick him out of your life. At least for now. It doesn't mean you won't give him another chance if you do love him and if he does show he's willing. In the mean time, show him he has to step it up and be the man of the house or you're better off without him. If he shows he's willing, then give him a chance. Tell him you won't accept promises. You have to see him actually making the effort. If he doesn't, then by heavens you don't deserve him!

Yummy Mummy
He is hitting you?

Leave him.

You need to divorce him. He's the BIGGEST LOSER!!!

bill g
i think you need to walk him to the kerb and get on with your life elsewhere --- despite the child being in the picture --- as so to speak -- he's no good and i do not believe -- ever will be --- good luck

Al B
change the locks while he is gone and file for a divorce on the grounds that he abandoned you. The fact that he hit you is enough reason alone to not allow him back because that only gets worse once a person starts to abuse you.

Contact Social Services in your area. They have professionals who will give you advice in so many areas. Focus on your child and yourself. Start divorce proceedings immediately. He should have been turned over to the cops for hitting you - never get that close to him again.

always b natural
Try to get him to the dr. Depression is very common is these situations,
and often short term medications can be immensely helpful.

However, if he has started to hit you, you really need to examine whether
you should be getting back together. usually, the abuse just gets

Good God get the dead beat out of the house change the locks and get a restraining order! You have proven you don't even need him anyway by paying all the bills and I'm sure doing everything for your child and on top of that cleaning and cooking so get rid of him! When you said I do he said OH I GET TO SIT ON MY A$$! Get out while the child is still too young to notice the difference!

You need to learn to live with your choices. Your husband didn't just turn into an irresponsible, immature little boy yesterday. He was this way all along, yet you chose to marry him and have a baby with him. You're like a woman who goes out, buys a skirt, takes it home and complains because it isn't a pair of pants. If you wanted a helpful, committed, responsible husband, why didn't you find a guy like that and marry him?

You have known him for 4 years so I doubt he changed overnight, it may just NOW make you realize that you must step it up since you have a child together. Why should YOU strive harder in the relationship . . . should it not be HIM that is supporting his wife and child. Instead he is off on vacation for a month with his family?!? Time for YOU to get your finances in order and realize you don't need to be raising two children, one is enough.

Lisa G
1. He does not financially support his family.

2. He hits you.

3. You have two children to be responsible for.

You can do the math.

Best wishes

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