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how to tell a married women you love her?
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how to tell a married women you love her?

just tell her.

gypsy g
even married women like to hear they are desireable, so you could try saying...if you weren't married, i'd be the first to ask you out. then back off and leave her alone. she will have the message and can then do whatever she wishes.

Do not because she's married What are you expecting? That she'll leave her husband for you??? She won't do that if she loves him

She is married don't ruin that for her she will never forgive you if you do...

That's pretty crummy, don't do it. She's married. You need to find YOUR OWN LADY. Why do you want to destroy someone else's life and cause grief and heartbreak???

Walk away she is not for you, otherwise she would be single, if you did tell her and she left her husband for you, she will do it again to you

You don't do that. If she would leave her marriage for you, she would leave her marriage with you someday too. Show some respect and some self respect. And if necessary, go with the duct-tape plan.

If she is already your wife tell her you love her 50 million times! If she's someone else's wife get lost and find someone of your own!!

Well, if you want to risk it, you can tell her and then duck because she might slap you.

you go to the local hardware store and purchase a giant roll of duct tape and place the entire roll of it on your mouth!!!!! Go find a woman that's single man---don't even think about getting involved in the breaking up of a marriage--you will regret it--if she separates from the man on her own and your still interested then go for it-- until then--go with the duct tape plan.

woo...dont do it mate...not good..trust me...let her hubby do all the things

be kind and honest and just say that it is out of your control and you have fallen deeply in love with her and we need to talk

You dont. Not unless she is married to you. let the woman and her husband live in peace.

DON'T. You'll ruin her life if u do.

just asking for pain.bang head here,it's easier.

Atleast she's in your heart that's all that counts.

Simple "I really care for you if you were not married I'd have loved to spend time with you but because you are married and I am not a scumbag this can never be"

If she's happy, don't even think about it my friend!

don't cos she's obiously not available.

Don't, she's taken!!!!

you shouldnt you home wrecker

repeat after me i love u

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