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how would i meet and marry a professional football player?
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how would i meet and marry a professional football player?

I know someone who was a massage therapist for the Chicago Bears and ended up marrying one of the players.

PS: Don't ever read Dr. Phil books. The man is completely full of it.

I would recommend you marry a quarterback. They are smarter than any other positions.

How dare people give you the answers that they do, you obviously are a smart, career oriented, bright person looking to improve your life and have a definite goal in mind so you need advice on how to reach your goal not the so called pyscho pap that they are asking you to read. Here is what you should do to reach your ambitions and goals:

1. Get a good job in a "Gentlemens" club in a city where the NFL has a team.

2. Become a "cheerleader"

3. Hang out in the lobby of the visiting teams hotel.

4. Wear see thru blouses and go to games with short shorts on and revealing clothes so you can get caught on camera.

5. Pick out the player you want to marry and wear his jersey everywhere you go.

6. Stalk him

7. Send him emails, regular mails, etc and include pictures of yourself in provocative poses.

8. Call your favorite player often and tell him you love him.


There you go, a surefire way to get a NFL player as a husband, O' I am sorry you said a professional football player and I did not even think of including the Arena Football League, Canadian Football League, European Football League, Semi-pro football, etc., with all of those to choose from your opportunities are endless....You go girl

crystal & benjamin
you must be like 15 or 16

answer: wait till you are grown up enough to think rationally

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