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husband did nothing for my birthday, what should I do?
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husband did nothing for my birthday, what should I do?

Dear all,

I might sound ridiculous but I feel so lonely & not loved enough.

Two days ago was my birthday and my husband just told me happy birthday. and Thats all ..

We are newlyweds even and I planned such a cute simple birthday celebration for him last month.

I wasnt doing that to expect the same kind of effort from him. But I am afraid when I did that it made him more anxious on what to do for mine and ending up doing nothing.

Whenever I told him I like this or that he'd say that he'd get it for my birthday or so forth. Well nothing happened..

I want to excuse him, probably he is overwhelemed or shy or just confused. But in the same time I feel i wanna burst into tears .. I am not myself with him and I cant let go of this silly matter and I dont want to tell him it might push him away.

Laura S
Tell him how you feel. That is the only way he will know.

jesse james
i know what u mean. growing up i never had b-days my folks just didn't do holidays or special occasions. i met the girl i thought i would marry we dated for three yrs and never even aknowledged mine. everyone of hers and the b-days she was queen for the day anything she wanted, we would do. of course that consisted shopping all day and as much as i disliked it i did it because it was about her. then our last x-mas she gave me tupper ware????? i am sure as far as tupper ware gos its top of the line, but come on..........
i spent 12hundred dallors on her.(its not about the money)
so even though i am a guy i know what it is like, it hurts deeply.
i really feel truely sorry for u.
i know it won't fix anything, but a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and i hope you have many more. best wishes :)
( ^--^ )
(")__(") look i made u a bunny rabbit for ur b-day (i stole it from another guy)shhhhh don't tell him

Chop Chop
Well happy belated B-DAY
Don't feel bad, I haven't got anything for my
B-Day for the pass 4 yrs and the last one I
had which it was in April believe me I am so
used to it that it don't phase me anymore.
By the way I'm not marry, but I do have
family's and their the ones who don't care
about my B-Day anymore. But when it comes
to their B-Day I always gave them B-Day
cakes and expensive gifts, so since last 2 yrs
I don't do or give them jack Sh*t.
Maybe next year you should do the same, it's
a matter of fact don't even say Happy Birthday
to him next year.

Try to do better during the next year and she if he does anything then

Sounds like he's just not wothed. I am sure he was very nice untill he was sure he conquered you but now he takes it all for granted.
Actually you should teach him that things aren't like this at all, even if they are. He needs to respect you, he didn't forget your birthday, did he? because he congratulated you. But.... please, he's such a creep for this, don't try to find excuses for him, you can't. Change him or dump him, because if you can't change him you can expect more of this shity attitude in the future.

indian beauty
make him feel guilty by praising ur friends husband what he did for her on her birthday

It is not all about birthday celebration only. Concentrate on relationship building. Ask yourself has anything gone gone lately. Is he with trouble at work or financially burdened ?? Has anything gone wrong with intimacies ??? All these or more contribute to what has happened. Don't ask him something that has already passed. Show your passion, love, care and share your thoughts openly of your preferrences and more importantly --- listen and response to what he wish to share cos guys love listeners. If they can get one, they will find others to share their thoughts.

I know you're afraid to speak to him about this but I'm afraid you're gonna have to. It is your right as a wife to let him in on your feelings because if you don't tell him, he will NEVER know. Why should you be afraid of pushing him away? Wait for the right moment to tell him and when you do, stay cool, calm and collected about it but remember to be honest. Don't butter it up or beat around the bush about it. Some men are just not good with this kind of thing and he probably needs a little coaching.

You need to tell him your feelings and he needs to listen. You two are married and your already say you don't want to talk because it might push him away.

Newlywed class 101 in session. First Communicate with your other, spouse,. Talk and express to you spouse your feelings. Listen to others feelings. During these talks the word BUT is not allowed to be used. Also. Do not react as if what is said is an attack on you or other.

Now dam it start talking to your husband.

Let him know

if he is like me i am REALLY bad with remembering anything that doesnt involve work or somthing about work! men are geared different than women... in otherwords we dont think with emotion we think logically.... women are good with remember birthdays etc.. because that is all emotional stuff... logically its just another day to a guy...

He is your husband. Even if you are newlyweds. You should not push him away by telling him how you feel. You just need to tell him that he hurt your feelings by not acknowledging your birthday. He probably did not know what to do. Or what you expected for your birthday. If you want your marriage to be successful you need to be open, honest. And communicate.

Whatev' Yo'
Well, happy belated birthday... and shame on your man for being so insensitive. You need to tell him at once that he hurt your feelings (otherwise, it will happen again) and you need to give him the chance to make it up to you. And he better... because that is just not cool at all.

He Loves You...

Just talk to him about it and tell him that it hurt you that he barely acknowledged your birthday. Keep the communication lines open. He's not going to know this bothers you more than you let on without you telling him.

Don't do anything for his nxt b-day!

He needs a kick in the pants.

However, is this new behavior? You did date him for a while. Yes?

PS: Talk to his mom. See if they celebrated birthdays while he grew up.

If so.... kick him again- this time hard.

Tell him that you are upset and why and what he can do to make up for it

u no husband is the one who is going to b with u til ur life ends so u should learn to share ur feelings with him even if it is silly share it i m not married so what i figured out told ya hope it helps u good luck and happy returns of ur maarriage!!!bubye

qiu l
Do the setting inside his h/phone, some tings like date note or
whatever u can do it!

men do that always forget or either dont know how to express or give like we girrls do ...dont take it to the heart...just let him know how felt about this and he will make sure he wont do it again ...promise!!!

Lonesome Dove
You really should let him know how you feel.

we are in the reverse situation! i'm always the more romantic one, and this year, just like your husband, my girl completely forgot about my birthday.

i just let her know gently (the next day) that she'd missed my birthday..

she was so embarrassed and felt so guilty.. made up for it in more ways than one! *wink*

talk to him. communication is key in any relationship. so let him know how you feel and be willing to listen more than you talk.

be better
and do avery good celebrity for his birthday

Then Do nothing on his birthday...

Scold him!!!!!!!!!!

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