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if im married and my husband gets another woman pregnant can he sign the birth certificate legally?
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if im married and my husband gets another woman pregnant can he sign the birth certificate legally?

If he wants to and the mother of the child wants him to he can.

Think! Why should it be illegal for him to sign his child;s birth certificate? It makes him an adulterer...but no criminal. Once he does sign it....you have a definite income for life, till you get married again anyway....sue his butt in court for a divorce and drag her in too.

Yes. You are going to be a door mat aren't you?

Yes he must because having babies with two women those children need to know that they are related. Hey don't listen to those stupid people asking you why are you still married to the scum bag, hey I stayed married to my husband we both have made some mistakes and I insisted for him to sign his child birth certificate and today we have that child permanent custody, you don't know what tomorrow brings accept that baby if you forgave your husband is my advice the child is his now part of your life. Good luck.

If the baby belongs to him, he can sign the birth certificate legally.

Leigh B
Uh, yeah. He just can't legally sign another marriage license.

Yes he can. But I know it's pretty hard to get the real father on the birth certificate if it's not the husbands child and she got prego by a different man.

Yes he can he is the baby's daddy.Being married to you didn't stop him from getting someone else pregnant, and it won't stop the fact that he is the father to that child. Even if he didn't sign the birth certificate the baby's mother has the right to take him to court to prove that the child is his. Either way he is going to be a father and you can either accept that or get rid of him.

yes......I feel sorry for you.

Curiosity Killed The Goldfish
He can! even if he wasn't and there wasn't any dna test he could still sigh it!


=o wow. and you're still married to the scumbag? if he is the father of the child then im pretty sure that he can, however i could be wrong.

If he is the father then yes. If he wants to.

Yes if it is his baby. Don't be a punching bag and divorce him.

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