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im getting married in a couple days, and im really nervous ): what should i do!! ):?
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im getting married in a couple days, and im really nervous ): what should i do!! ):?

As long as you are going to marry your best friend, then don't worry! Respect eachother always, and put eachother first! Good Luck!

Broken-hearted :(
Did u ever see the movie "Runaway Bride"... yep there's ur answer, go rent a horse! I'm joking!! lol I'm assuming that getting nervous before getting married is a normal reaction. I mean, it is a big commitment. For that one day, all eyes are on you. Do something relaxing like going to a spa, talk to your close friends about how you feel. Good luck and Congrats!!

Somebodys Honey
It sounds like cold feet.. why are you so nervous? is it the fact that you are making such a huge commitment? the person you are marrying? or is your gut screaming at you dont do this? talk to your mom or someone close enough to act like your mom they will have the best advice and its prolly a good idea to talk to the fiance bc he is prolly going through the same thing.. remember every one gets cold feet its natural.. but if you are having more than cold feet and you know if you are or not then you need to take a step back and re-evaluate exactly why it is that you are getting married in the first place..

Congrats!! I heard its normal to be nervous when your about to get married so dont woryy :D good luck for the new life

Everyone ges nervous before the big day, thats what best man is for, important not to talk to the fiance about it, it'll just make her nervous and think your having cold feet.

Maybe you should talk to your future husband about it. Both of you are probably having lots of mixed emotions. He wont take it the wrong way. Just tell him you are super excited but also really nervous. Its totally normal!

abdullah (britney's half sis
take ativan and haldol.

It's totally normal to be nervous! Unless you're having second thoughts then that's a whole different thing. But everyone is nervous before their wedding! Or at least I assume lol im only 17 but just don't worry everyone gets nervous! Congrats!!! Hope you have a great wedding!

It's normal to be nervous! Take deep, calming breaths. Have a relaxing bath, a few drinks, and good chat with your mom or your friends. Now...if you're having doubts about your decision, that is a little more serious. Never ignore your gut instincts...but without more info, there's not much else we can tell you. I hope things go well for you.


run away? im joking just talk to someone whose been married and they would tell you they were nervous as well but things turned out fine :) congrats

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