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is it hard to start a new life at 44 years old?
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is it hard to start a new life at 44 years old?

Common Sense
No... Probably harder for a woman than a man... I am 47 and having a blast...

Johnna L
I'm 45...and it was a lot easier starting over at 44 than it was at 24 or 34...finally getting the hang of reinventing myself! It's actually quite FUN!

that would be a yes....but not as hard as one might feel at first,once past the grief,things do settle out. the advantage I found was one of experience,ie; older and wiser,..ok not always so wise,but I did learn,and had some fun times between the harder lessons. Treat yourself like your best friend,the rest will follow. welcome to the club,you are not alone.

HECK NO !! That age is the "prime" of life!! Remember that ol' saying: If I knew then what I know now...WELL...NOW YOU KNOW IT!! That is a great age! Not too young...not too old. If it is you that is starting over...get a new attitude...YOU ARE STARTING "OUT"! Embrace the new life.

Not nealry as hard as you would think. You are still young and those wrinkles have not gotten very deep yet!!

It may have been a blessing in disguise for me...kids were adults...financially good...only really had to take care of myself...I actually felt if there was a time to start over this is about the best time as any....that was 5 yrs ago...and its only gotten better.

no...i was born 6/6/63....life just begins at 44....e-mail direct at bwj1963@yahoo.com for more motivation.....hell it's kick ass time now!!!!

No, its easier because by now you should have an idea of what you want and what you don't want in life.

Just Curious
No. Just become a cougar.

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