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it's my birthday tomorrow (27) and I am feeling a bit depressed.?
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it's my birthday tomorrow (27) and I am feeling a bit depressed.?

I've been married to my husband for 7 years, and he has never bought me a birthday present, it annoys me and whenever I tell him that, he gives me the exuse that he would not have a clue what to buy me, because I buy everything that I need myself and that I have got every thing which is true. but whenever it's his or our 2 childrens birthday I always make it special and with lots of presents. By the way we have got the most fantastic relationship ever and are expecting our 3'rd baby and he would never let me needing anything, and everything comes from him (money in the account, house, nice car etc.) exept for my birthday present.

well if he's financiall sorted, he's got no excuse, but be straight with him

obviously he has forgotten that alittle romance can go a long way. Sorry to hear that you married someone who is more into himself than he is into you.

This is very important, you are the mother of his children and he should respect that one day a year you need to be looked after and pampered. You will have to shame him either by telling all his friends and family or by putting up a huge sign outside your house saying "HE FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN" Have a superb birthday - go out and dont invite him if he does not get you a present.

show him what you have written here and hope he finally understands how hurt you are. Hubby, if you read this, get up and buy your wife something special before you lose the best thing you've got

zara c
The only thing I can suggest is fight fire with fire. Organise your own party and presents as you would for his b'day except make it cost five or more times the price. Then you can tell him if he put any effort in at all, the whole day would have been much cheaper. Send flowers to his office with a note saying take these home to your beautiful wife for her birthday and swing by xxxxx store and pick up and pay for the xxxxxxx that she ordered for her b'day, and then the wine shop for a vintage champagne and order a babysitter and book a very lovely, very expensive restaurant. THEN on his b'day do nothing.

try telling him nicely that it hurts you

Interesting.... I'd run with that! Go buy yourself the biggest bestest birthday present ever! Have it delivered and consider it coming from him! Happy birthday, you're only as old as you feel!

Chalk it up to him being a man. A lot of guys just aren't into the whole birthday thing. Instead of being sad that he doesn't buy you anything, do one of two things.....give him a list of things you want.....or, just go buy yourself something! Happy Birthday and Congrats on the upcoming baby!!

Tim K
First off - happy birthday! Simple answer to your 'dilemma' regarding a birthday present, and it's something to make both yourself and your husband feel good (and banish any thoughts of depression) - how about sponsoring a needy child through somewhere like World Vision, or buying a goat (or a herd) for a family in a developing nation? These are usually year on year sponsorships so every year, on your birthday, you get the warm glow of helping someone who otherwise wouldn't necessarily be able to help themselves, and your husband doesn't need say he doesn't know what you want.

My husband never bought me a gift until I started just telling him what I want. Now he takes the initiative and buys me things that he knows that I would like. And want to talk about depressed. I am 31 and our baby is 9. But I just found out that I am pregnant. I thought I was done with that stage in my life and now I keep thinking.... diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, night time feedings, teething, & terrible 2's.

summer time Mom
I know I've been married for 9 yrs. now & my husband is the same way. Just tell your hubby how you feel about this. Let him know that you would @ least like a card & for him to make you a nice dinner or take you out for dinner. good luck & hope you have a good B-day !

O.k you have everything! But strictly speaking He should at least try to surprise you it is your birthday!.. So arrange for the kids to go to family for the night then say to him your taking me to dinner and your choosing where were going!

i think you should think yourself lucky i would love a man that pays for everything you are very lucky and birthdays are only one day a year they dont last long and your not old.

I think my boyfriend stated it really well...Its the people who are loved the most, that are usually the ones to complain...He came from a family that didnt really stick together, so he had to fend for himself from a young age. My family is very close, and even though we have had our problems, i can always count on their love and support. I can relate to the way you feel...but if we really look at our lives then are we actually missing out on anything? Take your husband, kids and go out on your birthday...splurge on them...even though its your day! I have a feeling it will be even a greater feeling for you than receiving gifts from them...because where would we be without the people we love. As far as the presents, maybe you could give him suggestions ex. circle a couple of things in a magazine that you like and leave it around for him to see...and also make sure you realize why he doesnt buy you presents...maybe you are critical of it and he doesnt want to buy you something you wouldnt like... I see that you are aware how lucky you are...dont take it for granted...because this depression is taking it for granted. You have a loving husband, 2 kids and a 3rd one on the way...everything you could possibly want or need you have...look at it this way...you could either have been born to receive, or born to share and love! :) Maybe through the sharing and loving even more than you already are...you wont care about what you receive...its helped me for sure! Whenever i get upset/depressed i try to see what more i could do... By the way a VERY VERY Happy Birthday!

shanna w
im glad you have a terrific relationship.then you shouldnt have a problem telling him how much it hurts that he treats your birthday so nonchalantly when it is obviously important to you. giftrs come in many forms. material things and gifts from the heart. maybe a quiet dinner for two or breakfast in bed..be honest and speak up. he will never know unless you tell him.

sound to me you already have been giving the best gift a person could ever want , open your eyes and look around , please do not take the gifts you have for granted, Happy birthday, and if you want a cake have fun with your children making one.

AWWWWWWWWWWWW Happy Birthday.... You should hint when its coming up to your birthday and hopefully he will remember. Am sorry to say that us men are usually terrible at remembering dates, we find it hard enough remembering our names sometimes. Happy Birthday and i Hope you have a great day

do the simple thing of buying for jus u and ur kids 2 make him feel the same way u feel on ur birthday, if he asks questions then jus say 'well u never buy me anything for me on my birthday so y should i buy u thing for u on ur birthday'

Happy birthday for tomorrow!!! Men sometimes are so bad at birthdays and all the present thing,aren't they. Perhaps you need to be quite specific about gifts. Say to him that you have seen something you really like and would like it for your birthday and although it will not be a surprise at least he then feels that he has gone and bought you something you need and you feel you have been given a gift. Give it a try.

The best thing to do is to be open and honest. Honesty is the best policy. If there is something special you want for your birthday, tell him. Don't hide anything away from him. You love each other. Show it.

Traveling J
I really recommend you telling him how important it is to you. Tell him that what he buys is not so critical as the act that he did go out of his way to do something. Tell him it can be as simple as flowers, or perhaps a trip to the day spa and a babysitter so you can get away for a few hours for you. We are in a similar situation, and I know how much she enjoys her little trips to the spa. So each year, I get her a gift certificate, line up a babysitter if I am not available, and let her get pampered for a few hours. He loves you and will do it if you let him know how important it is to you. If you do not want time at a spa, just think of what you treat yourself with and have him provide the means and time to do it. With a growing family (Congrats by the way) and a full schedule, sometimes "time" to do something you really like is the best gift and he certainly can provide that. Even a woman who has everything she wants never has enough time. lol I hope this helps.

first happy b'day to you! it's funny how different men and women are. so does he make you feel special. like flowers, making dinner, etc. or is it just like any other day as far as he's concerned. men aren't good at guessing games when it comes to women, and as unromantic as it may sound you might want to give him an idea of what you'd like for your birthday. cheer up b'day girl it sounds like you have a good man in every other aspect!

Try giving him a list of things that you would like and give it to him. When you give it to him tell him that he has to chose one thing and get it for you. This way you don't know what it is and he gets you something. Sometimes we do need a little help and push in the right direction.

Aww Happy Birthday tomorrow! That would drive me nuts but maybe you should write out a list for him and say these are some of the things that I would like for my birthday, although you have left it a bit late for him this year. Or tell him you dont care what it is and that he shouldnt worry as long as he keeps the reciept! Have a great day tomorrow and if he doesnt buy you a nice wee gift then tell him tomorrow that you are going away to a weekend spa on him! :0)

If you have a good relationship, then he clearly doesn't know how much this hurts you. Have a talk with him about it and let him know that it's the thought that counts, not that the present is something you need and haven't bought for yourself. Suggest flowers, candy, gift certificates, certain websites, whatever you like. We all like things that we'd never buy for ourselves. And ignore those two stupid children who answered first. They are jealous because all they have is their youth and they don't even know how meaningless age is.

John Comshooter
dont tell him I said anything but I'm your pressie this year darling

men dont think, do they? tell him again how u feel, even if he gets u a nice card and flower, happy birthday x

You need me wrapped up in a box and brought home while yah man is in the office...I am sure it would put a smile on yah face!

gimme ur hubby's email id. i'll tell him u need a present. just tell me what u will like

Kevin (U.K.)
2 out of 3 ain't bad. I am sure there are thousands out there would be jealous of you. Nice house, car, man, family. Try to concentrate on the good things. Buy yourself a nice present to cheer yourself up.

Just wait till you get to 63

question police
you is gettin old

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