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me and my husband fight all the time and tonight he got so mad he pushed me down what do i do?
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me and my husband fight all the time and tonight he got so mad he pushed me down what do i do?

Well me and my husband have been together for 4 years and married or 1 year.lately mynerves have been on the edge.my mother just past away in september so im a little on the grumpy side.we have a beutiful little girl she is 6 months old.but ever since my mother has pasted away we have been fighting like crazy i love him to death but we got into a fight tonight and he got so mad he shoved well pushed we down and this isnt the first time it has happened either im scared i dont know what to do i dont want to leave him because i never had a father in my life till i was 19 years old but i dont want her to see or here us fight so what should i do im so upset at myself because i start the fight most of the time please help

It will only escalate and it you may get injured badly. There is no reason for him to touch you. He always has the option of leaving the house to cool off to wit you should not prevent him from doing so. Do not stay in an abusive relationship simply because your childhood wasn't as you would have liked. This is your life and you are the only one in control of it. I've been in this kind of relationship, it goes from pushing, to punching to knives held at your throat....

you both need to get a break away from each-other. spend some time away. maybe a week or two. when you get back together. and you both are still at each-others necks. it's time for separation.good luck

Piltdown Man
Leave him, straight away. There is NO excuse for violence against a woman. You and your baby deserve better, please remove her and yourself from this dangerous situation.

Ok, it's tough love time. Are you ready? See, this is how it starts - him pushing you, or knocking you to the floor. Since this isn't the first time, it's ALSO not the last. It will escalate, and get worse until YOU remove yourself from the situation. Get the number for a shelter near you where you can go, have a bag packed, and leave TOMORROW after he goes to work. If you don't get out now, you will become another statistic for a woman who saw the signs, saw all the red flags in her face, but thought that if she loved him enough, cared more, did more, was more obedient, fussed less, that he would change. He won't change, hon. You need to get out. TOMORROW. Get into counseling. Best of luck, and Godspeed *big hug*

Best to tell him right out without delay; that you will not tolerate his violence against you. He should know that you feel sad and not up to par since your mother recently died. He also seems uncarrying. But, if you do not tell him that he cannot put his hands on you again, and if he does you will have to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your baby. Do not be afraid to call the cops, because such men once they start slapping their wife around they never stop. You should also talk this over with any older lady friend or and aunt or uncle, anyone close whom you trust and maybe they can talk to him for you. But you have to make sure that he understand;next time he goes to jail.

sharon s
You need to see someone on the grief of losing you mother and fight with your husband. You need to stop the fighting and talk with him and tell him your sorry. If you start the fights he is telling you he has had it with that in the form, of pushing you away to get relief from your mouth. Because if you don't stop it will led to bigger things and your child will end up on the losing end of this relationship.

if you wont leave him .. stop the fighting by thinking what you say .. to him.. but i think you should report him .. to the cops ..now ..so he wont do it again ..

maybe you two could try marriage counseling. shoving and hitting is domestic violence, which is a crime if reported to the police. if it is coming down to violence, then maybe it's time to get some help for yourself and your marriage. i'm sorry for the loss of your mom.

call the cops or stab him with a knife(jk. dont do that) but do hit him with a dish tray. Chances are he is not going to change anytime soon.. i believe you do not want to get him in jail, because you love him so much. and + the kid. Guys like him dont change, your child will grow seeing both of you fight. If he hasnt hit you yet(which im pretty sure he has at one point) he will. dont stay with him just for your child, becuase then she will go through the same stuff when she grows up(chances are). Im assuming he was drunk. If he wasnt then there is a real problem, dont fear to leave him. you are letting him control you, which only gives him more power. it will only get worst and worst. some guys can even kill if they feel you are cheating at them. its better to drop the relationship and move on.. before your child fears him too..

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