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mislaid divorce papers need reference number of divorce papers i am getting married and i need this informatio
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mislaid divorce papers need reference number of divorce papers i am getting married and i need this informatio

my name is david james ellis6 12 63 date ofbirth i was married at awaterloo town hall liverpool england9 april1984 divorced may 1996 my ex wife name donna prout

wow thats a lot of personal information to put up on here ?? Why don't you fone the court and have them check the archives for the reference number and don't be posting personal stuff on here have you heard of identity theft??//

i also lost my decree absolute,i went to the courts gave them our,D.O.B,NAMES,DATE WE GOT DIVORCED, i paid £2 they gave me a copy of the decree absolute

Daddy Big Dawg
You can do two things. Ask your ex-wife for a copy or go to the hall of county records they should have a copy also if the divorce was legal.

OMG i know Donna Dawn and Diane (deceased) and Debbie and Dyliss and Doreen i am from waterloo but was raised in Seaforth i know the Prout family very well, we ere all raised in the same area....and i think i know who you are David....did you go to Chestefield High (Crosby)? answer back to this straight away....i am still here in waterloo...i could help you here....WOW small world email sent check your inbox

Your solicitor will keep this information forever and they will want to know how you're doing, etc. They will look up the info for you or send you a copy for a small charge.

Hi David Go or phone the court and they can issue copy of papers you will have to pay for them and show proof of who you are. You can also contact Local or national marrage,death and births office. Glad to help theluckyhedgehog

Ring the court up that you got divorced in. They will be able to help you by telling you who to phone or write to.

The Court that gave you your divorce will issue a copy Decree Absolute if you ask.

d r
contact the court which dealt with the divorce or maybe your solicitor may have the info you need

Go to the city or town hall where they keep records of all marriages and divorces and get a copy of your papers.

you shouldn't put this much information here, I would smack you if you'd do that to me., and I don't believe you, you just have to go to the court that pronounced you divorced to get a copy of it

Alison R
Contact the solicitor who dealt with the divorce or the Sheriff Court - they will give you the information you need.

Go to the court house and get the papers. If you don't live ther any more go online and get them.

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