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my ex partner refusing to return possessions?
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my ex partner refusing to return possessions?

when my ex and i split up she offered to keep hold of some furniture which i had just been buying as i was renovating my house.. now i am finished, i rang to ask when i could collect it but she is now refusing to let me have it. there is no children involved or did we live together. how can i get it back?? i do have my bank statements to prove i bought them.

You won't have many rights since you were not legally married but you could try small claims court

Unless you own the receipt your humped, just tell her to keep it as you slept with some other bird on it and you will be a better new one. She wont keep it for long lol

You need to decide how much this furniture is worth to you. If it is worth giong through the hassel and sue-ing in court over, or just letting it go. How bad do you want to keep the situation dragging on and on. If it is less than a few thousand, I would cut my losses and let it go. Me, I GAVE my exhusband about 30,000 dollars (US) worth of my possessions just so that I wouldn' thave to deal with his b*llsh*t. ....but thats me. Money isn't worth the hassel for me!

If you can prove the items are yours you can simply file a small claims case ( or what ever the Limey equivalent is ) against her. I'd imagine if faced with the options of paying a judgment or returning your stuff , you'll get it back.

call the police it scared my ex when it was just glasses and a hair brush for me but oh my gosh, did it work

La Vie Boheme
You take her to court

If you have your receipts stating that you were paying them you can call the cops on her.

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