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my fiance and i want to get married but he's incarcerated how do i obtain a marriage licence?
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my fiance and i want to get married but he's incarcerated how do i obtain a marriage licence?

where do i get a marriage licence where do i go to get one?

You go down to the office at court where you get you marriage liscence and let them know. They will give you the right infor mation for him to sign then you will need a guy to speak on his behalf when you get married because they won't actually let him be present. One of my close friends did this and I was there all you need is for your fiance to sign the right paper work the court house will provide you with all of them that need to be signed by him

Don't waste your time, kick him to the curb and get a new man. Why would you want to get involved with a man in jail?

Your fiance must make the arrangements from within his unit. All paperwork must be cleared by the Warden. Sometimes, classes before marriage are given to the inmate. It is just a time process. But, I would consider all the possibilities before you say "I do".... incarcerated men/women usually have issues that must be dealt with after release. Just take time to reevaluate your situation from deep within your soul. Good Luck ;)

The question is not as to whether he and she should, it is how to go about it! Although there are some good advisors out there, the answers haven't been correct to your question. I would suggest the following: Depends on the state and on the jail or prison he is in. First check with the state, then the prison board and start there. Then check the county levels. You need to be a little more specific! The prison board and or the state will be able to steer you in the right direction, just pick up the keyboard and the phone!

Why would you want to marry someone who is incarcerated, in the first place? What kind of life would you have. Personally, I would let this relationship go, and get on with your life. Why waste it on a gong nowhere relationship?

you have got to be kidding. Do your self a favor and run do not walk to the nearest exit. He wasted his life why do you want to waste yours?

obviously from all the above answers you need to rethink that decision. we don't know you so we have no reason to stear you wrong.

contact you local govt office..

stanley w
can't find some one free leave the con where he belongs.

Shelly t
Well everyone has shared there opinion. But the answer to your question is you go to your town office and apply. There is a waiting period.

wake up call if he's in jail don't marry him look what you are setting yourself up for. a roller coaster ride

once incarcerated...never the same...my ex husband was a wife beater...child molester...in and outa prison...i suggest u dont marry him..ur life will be a living hell...is that something u want? trust me..u should steer clear of felons...u could lose ur life to em at any time...

YOU DONT! Get some help honey.

Consider twio things first, what did he do to get in jail and if he did it to you would you still want to marry him? And will your children appreciate this same behavior a decade from now? Now that you hopefully thought about that.. just wait until he's out. And save money while you can. Weddings are expensive.

Why don't you just jump off a frickin cliff? How long is the fiance in for? Can't u wait? oh, wait I know.... answer follows: You need to hurry up and get arrested and then you can be in prison together!! But hurry, before he begins enjoying the company of his cell mate "pushing in his stool." oooooooooo ooooo oooo ooo oo o

Sure you want to marry him because you can't right now. When he finishes doing his prison time just date him for some time. You need to rethink the whole issue about marriage. During the time you are dating see how he adjusts to public life, how he treats you and your family and if he really is the guy you want to marry and have kids with. On the other hand, since he is prison why dont you break off the engagement and date other guys.

Are you trying to save the world and ease the world's pain? You're barking up the wrong tree. Forgiveness and empathy are possibly appropriate, but why would you limit your own life so? And how can you choose to commit to a man who can't even commit to himself?

Why would you even want to bother.???????????????

Mark T
He might have other prospects in prison so he is testing your commitment to him.

sweet granny 06
wait till hes out of jail stupid

Kat G
Why would you consider marring someone who is in jail? You need some self esteem.

Ask your self why????there is no life for you .Forget him he is not where for being a upstanding person.There is someone else that doesn't have so much baggage. Get some guidance Good Luck

The real question here is "why would you want to?"

bob a
it's LICENSE! and maybe you might want to rethink this one. you need to think about your future and if you have kids,theirs too!!!


Al B
you had better wait until he gets out. He may not still be the person you loved when he went in. Depending upon what he went in for, He may even want to just get married so that when he comes up for parole it looks better if he is married and will be leaving prison to live with his wife.

Richard T
praise the lord & go to the psychiatrist's office, they have them there.

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