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my wife likes to flash to strangers is this normal ?
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my wife likes to flash to strangers is this normal ?

she likes to pretend its an Innocent accident that her dress falls open or her top suddenly opens in front of unsuspecting men but she has it planned right down to the details. she thinks its all a bit of harmless fun but she is starting to go further and actually chatting to some of the men after she has flashed them and im getting a little concerned that it could escalate to something more dangerous. we are both middle aged and i know that she likes the attention but am i being to old fashioned and fuddy duddy about her letting complete strangers see between her legs ?. yes it is a relatively new trend she has been doing it for about 3 months and the only connection i can think of is that she recently moved job and that she now works around older people . as for me not giving her attention i suppose i could do more because i do tend to moan at her when we go out and she is wearing no underwear but i cant force her .

Denise Zalapa
well me personally i wouldnt disrespect my husband like that. you should of told her something in the beginning cus she thinks you aint got a problem thats why she does it

patricia g
normal aye it happens all the time. of course its not normal shes lucky shes got a very very easy going man. my hubby would punch my lights out at this. and the snicker thing she dosent do that for u .who for then. she is one crazy women. lunny bin .. u must b a saint to put up with her, where do u live so i can stay miles away from her, all the guys must love ur bar or where she goes holy fk r u sure they dont talk about it behind your back, he i saw my partner looking at her she would have no hair left never mind knickers i mean if this was a man doing this he would b a pervert shes no diffident get ur skates on and rid of her

Dinky :3
It sounds as though she has a minor fetish, probably most commonly know as "Autagonistophilia". My concern is that some people may find her behaviour offencive, causing her to get into a lot of trouble - something you, obviously, don't want to happen. If this habit gets out of control insist on talking to her privately about the matter, tell her how it makes you feel. She may even have to attend counselling sessions to discover if there may be a reason behind why she suddenly found flashing so erotic. Good luck! :)

Completely inappropriate trashy behavior that is only acceptable by drunk college co-eds on spring break. This will escalate to something more if it hasn't already. Tell her to seriously knock it off or you're marriage will more than likely lead to disrepair.

Lauren Hughes
You should be concerned about this, you are not paranoid about it. If you are a married couple then your wife should only be showing her breasts and other parts to other men besides you. It is innaproprite for her to be doing that especialy to complete strangers.

Marine Wife
Your wife needs to stop, that is inappropriate. She should only be showing her breasts to you.

Bad Dog
I don't see the problem here. Eventually, she will find some young buck that will do you a favor and convince her to leave you for him. You will be free again and you can do what YOU want. Relive your college years! Then, you will find someone better than her, remarry and be happy. She, on the other hand will divorce this young buck in a year or so, and continue through her endless cycle of marrying, flirting with someone else, divorcing, and over again. Sit back and watch her self-destruct!

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