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please give me an ideas about how to hide that I'm not a virgin from my man?
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please give me an ideas about how to hide that I'm not a virgin from my man?

please tell me how can i hide that I'm not a virgin from my man. i can't tell him that I'm not a virgin. i can't tell him due to very big reason. please tell me how to hide that

If he's a virgin, he won't know the difference. If this is an extreme situation, you can do hymen reconstruction surgery. Otherwise use alum to tighten things up. Worst case, say you lost it during a sporting event as a young girl.

Curious ABB
Don't lie. Don't hide it. Own up to your mistakes and accept the consequences. He will find out eventually and there will be hell to pay when he does so its much better to be honest now.

Just don't tell him and if he is that shallow you can do better.

Help please
A relationship based on a lie is never a good idea. But he should know we are all human and all have made mistakes in the past. Maybe just say nothing unless asked.

You can hide it. All women do not bleed the first time. What you will have to do is play dumb, and act like its your first time. if you act good he will never know, just go back to your first time and act the same way

I don't know! Take a purity oath and reclaim your virginity. Still doesn't make you a true virgin.

Heaven L
u cant unless he is a slow guy. the hymen is GONE! u never get it back. when hedoesn'tt feel it it will beOBVIOUSE...again, unless he'd a dummy

Unless you tell him, he will never know Not all women bleed as the hymen may already be broken from something as simple as riding a horse...don't worry!

There is no way to hide it, if he flat out asks dont lie to him. I assume you are Indian and this is religous based?

Hide that you don't bleed when he comes in you for the firs time - not sure how to hide that except be on your period

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