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what's it mean when your husband calls some other girl "babe"?
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what's it mean when your husband calls some other girl "babe"?

Adam D
It could just be his manner of speaking. I put qualifiers like "babe", "honey", "darling", etc. on the end of sentences when I talk to people all of the time, I always have.

It means YOU need to train your husband and this is a pretty simple fix. 1. every time he calls another woman a "pet" name reach over and give his balls a thump. Just one flip, apply enough pressure to penetrate the jeans, and leave it at that...Afteer this happens a time or 2 he will realize that the ":thump" is bad and he will stop the behavior.... I have more tricks on how to train a husband if you need them, I'll email them to you for $15.00. Thank you, God bless husbands that mind.

Christine Cox
well one of my work friends calls everyone babe, he is happily married and has never cheated on his wife, yet calls EVERY female babe (and his best guy friend) It depends. If he does it normally i wouldn't worry about it, but if he has just started calling this person babe then i'd worry.

Unless that's her given name it means you have a problem to deal with~

It means you need to call him out on it and make him tell you what it means. It sounds like he is either sneaking around or thinking about it.

Fallen Angel
It means she's good looking

i dont know. But if MY husband called another girl "babe" i would be all over his sorry ass.

Plunging My Life into the Fray
It means your husband is a disrespectful scumbag. Sleep with his brother. Then get a divorce.

Kona Cutie 33
He's likely into her. It's a somewhat affectionate term that you would go around calling just anyone.

a divroce

lol..it's probably nothing. Just an term. It probably means he cannot remember their names and calling them "babe" sounds better than "hey you".

My husband NEVER calls any woman babe. I believe he's into this chick.

not a good sign

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