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what does this mean when he says i can't do this realtionship anymore but he wants me to visit him?my exfiance?
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what does this mean when he says i can't do this realtionship anymore but he wants me to visit him?my exfiance?

and i still talk and were together for a long time until 3 years ago when i broke it off. he asked me to come visit him. i know he is feeling hurt. i really regret leaving him and i still love him a lot. he is the one for me and i realize that now. does he want to see me to try to work things out? i got cold feet that is why i broke it off and i needed some time to think about everything. is he saying all that because he is still really hurting?

I think he wants to get back together...good luck<3

He wants some for free.

Dr. Gennie
It means he wants to still have your body and have you around when he wants you but doesnt want to commit to a relationship. Move on and forget this guy, for real!

You are like a good drug to him. he only wants the pleasant effects of a relationship with you without any commitment from him.Why did you break it off in the first place ?

Lady Gaga*
It means he is not ready for a full-on relationship.Stay cool. Breath, relax. and he will come running back! Good luck!!

He is not into you, He wants to bang other woman He does not mind if you come by for a booty call when he feels like using your body to get off. May be you are just a nut and he can't stand you, Bottom line find some self respect and move on, WHAT DO YOU CARE? you said you broak it off. SO BREAK IT OFF. You had reasons. Why are YOU not moving on?

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