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what is the the ideal age difference between husband and wife??????
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what is the the ideal age difference between husband and wife??????

I believe between 3 to 5 years difference

David Patterson
My mother who died just a couple of days under a year a go, was married to a man like my age, he dissapeared on several occasions, leaving her in debt, was a member of online dating sites, a lot of them!, emptying bank accounts as well as her purse, kept crawling back, now she's dead, and burried, he keeps abusing her memory by dating people of his age. or younger!!! 2 days after her cremation he moves another woman into her house and her bed.............stck to close age relationships, younger partner relatiopnships, mean yo wil mis out on yuour inheritance, hence the term GOLD DIGGERS......................

David P
i would say give or take 5 years, but in all honesty, you'll most likely take some kind of stick.....over that kind of reasoning..... my mother married a man same age as me, be prepared to forgo your inheritance..........cos in most cases they are simply gold diggers...............anything over five years, its a "i'm her husband thing", more rights than your her child........

I don't think there is an ideal age difference really. I always wanted to marry someone at least 2 years older than me. I ended up meeting and have just married someone 7 years younger than me but the age isn't a fuss to either of us. People tend to think we're both about 25 anyway, which is great 'cos it knocks a few years off me lol!

Alledegly you can use this formulea to work it out. Assuming you're a man... Your age divided by 2 plus 7. i.e Man 40 years old ideal age of wife 40/2 = 20 +7 = 27 so for a 40 year old bloke a 27 year old wife should be perfect.

Why are you asking?

Ideally they should be just months apart in age. However, I note that very successful marriages are often ones where the couples are 2 years apart. Over 10 years is an eyebrow raiser - for good reason!

Officially I remember reading that the ideal age is 5 years, the man being the older one, but who cares, we don't live in an ideal world do we? If you both feel comfortable and love each other then that's the ideal age, no matter what age you both are.

There's no ideal age is there.! Doesn't matter if there's 20 yrs age gap as long as you both happy and contented.

There's no ideal age difference, what matters is the compatibility of the people and how much they love each other - age is irrelevant. My mum is 5 years younger than my dad, I am 2 years older than my husband but we both have strong marriages.

Age doesnt matter..having the same morals does!

Age difference is not important, it is love that counts every time.

mary m
Age shouldn't have anything to do with it!

Age is just a number, I should know. My first wife (who passed away) was 18 years older than me and we loved being together. My second wife (to be) is 6 years younger than me and we're fine, a perfect match. Lucky in love twice - lucky me! I just wish the rest of my life was as lucky but I'm happy none-the-less.

5 Yrs.

as were all different, there is none. we should do whats right for ourselves, not worry what other people think.

Actually, there is not an ideal age difference. What should be asked is can you handle the idea that if you are young, tight body, all your senses and active person with someone 10-20 years older that is old, wrinkly, bald with a bad back, arthritis, glaucoma, kids your age, ex wives/husbands, a widow/widower can you deal with that and the additional snide remarks your families, friends and strangers on Y/A and in person will make about your generation gap relationship? Love will get you so far and the quote "age ain't nothing but a number", oh my goodness will that get old quick! LOL!

you dont fall in love and want to marry someone because of the age they are or arent its because you want to spend the rest of your live with them. My granduncle and grand aunt are married over 40yrs, are still happily married, have 10 children and theres a 12yr age gap. Their was an age gap between my grandparents and my granny remained faithful 25yrs after my granddad passed away, until she passed away. When it comes to true love, soul mates etc age is but a number, in most cases but maybe not always.

I have heard that women out live men by 7 years.....and there is 7 years between hubby and I.....I am 7 years older!

Zoe K
difficult one, as it depends on the mindset of the couple, as long as they have the same outlook on married life like kids, social life etc, you find there is little difference. for instance one of my friends is married to a guy 15 years older than her and is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary this year. you just cant tell ...

Lets see I am 33 and my husband is 39 and I seem much older then my husband!

I don't really think there is one. If there were it probably would be that he be from 1-4 years older. I say this because they would have more in common if closer in age.

30 years, then the hot young wife can change her husbands Depends, wipe the applesauce from his chin while she feeds him, and apply the ointment to his hemmoroids.

Well I'm 21 and my partner is 49, so ideal isn't really the word! But as long as you are both consenting adults, age doesn't matter. Its just a number at the end of the day. Ideally, I'd say 4-5 years was nice. But you can't help who you fall in love with, and you can't plan it either.

whatever they feel comfortable with

Love and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. As long as its satisfying and fulfilling..

I don't think there's an ideal, but I think there's a difference between being, say like 17 and 58. I think if two people want to marry, they should have common life experiences and be realtively on the same level, meaning it's best to stay in the same age group...even if it's 31 and 39.

It doesn't really matter--just as long as you love one another.

sam d
hahah 2-4 years :)

5 yrs. Guys shouldnt be married until they are 30.

Fed up UK Citizen
The ideal age is one that both feel comfortable with......

Is there one ? I shouldn't think age matters.

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