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what should i do if my ex claimed my son as his dependent on his tax returns and my son is in my custudy?
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what should i do if my ex claimed my son as his dependent on his tax returns and my son is in my custudy?

me and my sons father have been seperated since the day he was born and my sons father is not his legal gaurdian and he didnt even sign his birth certificate but he claimed my son as his dependent on his tax returns because during one of his visits he stole my sons social security card without me knowing

You also claim your child on your return...The IRS will audit the both of you and he will be fined and charged penalties (possibly arrested) for filing a fraudulent tax return.. Make sure your numbers are correct too as you also will be audited

File your taxes and claim your son. The IRS will make both of your prove who the child lives with and who supports him. You can prove the man is not on the birth certificate and that alone will make him have to pay the money back. You could also take it to court if you feel the need to have sole custody. Make him get a DNA test just for his benefit. You can prove the child was with you all year so you have nothing to worry about.

Paper file your taxes w/ your son as your dependent. The IRS will send out letters for you to defend your claim. Then defend your claim. Call a local HR Block in your area for more details. Advice is free, ask for a senior tax pro. Someone with more than 5 years.

You need to place all this information on paper, along with proof that your son stays with you, (child care bills, clothes receipts, copy of birth certificate, signed notarized letters by people who know he's with you), and send to IRS. Also, go to SSN office to inform them of the thief of the card to get a new number assigned. Your ex will have to answer to IRS, especially since he can't prove that the child is his.

Michael J
The law states whomever provided more than 50% of the childs expence is entitled to claim them as a dependant. If It was you, you can contact the IRS.

Unless he has some legal rights granted to him by a court that allow him to claim your son on his taxes I'd say he's in a lot of trouble. Report him to the IRS!

If he pays child support and you are not claiming your son in your tax return, then he can make that claim. If you are already claiming, then you can report to IRS

joey k
You should learn how to spell custody. Also, according to your great English, me have been sepErated since the day he was born. Me LIKE my son. Me want my son back.

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