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when your husband starts going out a lot to hang out with friends is he having an affair?
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when your husband starts going out a lot to hang out with friends is he having an affair?

how hard is a divorce after you've tried & tried

No. It is possible that he is really going out with friends. If you are having trouble with this practice of his, you should ask tell him about it, he is your husband after all. A divorce will not resolve the problem, because chances are if you marry again, your next husband will also go out with friends. If you're contemplating divorce then you haven't "tried and tried" yet. It maybe possible that your husband is withdrawing himself from you because he feels that you are to busy for him. Hence it would be prudent to give him a substantial amount of your time. Go out with him once in awhile, and do the things that you used to do with him when you were still on your romantic stage.

It really depends on the other things going on around the house.

There's a lot of things that we don't know so, he could be just having fun with his buddies. Or, he could be out with another woman.

If you really want to find out what's going on, sit him down and talk to him. Express your concerns and tell him how you feel.

If that doesn't work then go to the next step.

As for the numb nut guys who are convinced your over reacting...Get Real! How can you honestly sit there and say he's just out with his friends! She just told you shes tried and tried to get him to stay home with her...That says something!

It depends on if u know the friends he is going out with, how many times per week that he goes, and if he gives u a statement like "I will be back or late coming in because I have something to take care of, or I have a run to make". Divorce is not at all hard after you have tried and have given it everything that you have and especially if you are mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.

Mrs. Nikki Sep(The One and Only)
No, not necessarily. He's probably just doing what he says, hanging out with his friends. I don't think this is something to get divorced over.

Do you go out with your friends? If not, it's time to have your girls nights as well. Husbands and wives need time apart from each other. My husband goes every other weekend to play golf with his brother. I don't object to it, nor do I suspect he is cheating. I know, sometimes he likes to hang out with the guys and do the guy thing, without me there.

If this really bothers you, you need to talk to your husband. If the problem is that he is going out too many nights, let him know that while you respect the fact he needs time with his friends, he also needs to spend more time with YOU, his wife. Just let him know how you feel.

Things may not change overnight. However, I think that this is a crazy thing to want to get divorced over, unless of course he is going out all night every night, going to strip clubs and getting messed up.

Young Camel
not necessarily..Look at me ..I am always out , and never cheated,,your husband most probably is getting bored from hanging around the house ,,Try to find ways to change things ,,,Go out with him to places he likes ,,Be friend to him instead of just a wife.Wish u all the best and thank u for ur good question.

I wouldn't jump to conclusions that he is having an affair. You should start going out with your friends as well. As long as he isn't doing this more than 2 nights a week, I wouldn't worry about it...and if it's more than that, you need to address your concerns with him. Remember, he is your husband and you should be able to tell him anything, so tell him what you fear and why you would like him to slow down on his "new" habit. A couple nights a week is good and healthy for your relationship, but you need to get out too. Divorce should be your last resort...try couples counseling before you go down the divorce path...it's cheaper than divorce too. Good luck and Go out!

It doesn't necessarily mean he's having an affair....sounds like he's bored...(which can lead to anffair really quick). Talk to him, without yelling or accusing, tell him how you feel. Don't do something you'll regret without tryng 100% to work things out. If you fel you have done all you can....cut your loses and move on. That first step NEVER gets any easier.

yes most probably keep an eye on him wat if he has lost his intrest in you try to accompany him and give him so much pleasure that he wont be aable 2 leave ya.

Shan K
He might not be having one yet,but but he will. He might just like the excitement of hanging out with other girls. It most likely arouses him. A divorce is always hard because you have to let go off the life you thought you were going to have.

i would ask him and see. if he's been out too long and says that someone is spending the night maybe.

if uve tried and tried..i think u know the answer..he probably is

Baby_Girl 2006
i am pretty sure he is having an affair. if you call his cell phone and he dont answer and does and gets mad cause you are calling than yes. a divorce is hard. it is always hard. take my advise follow him but dont make it obviouse. it may take awaile

Not neccesarily . . . however, it sounds like you know he is . . . and your gut would be correct. You are already talking about a divorce so rather he is cheating or not, if you are not happy, get out. Divorce is not hard at all if both parties agree on everything they can get a do-it-yourself divorce quick and cheap. If you are not happy, get out!!!! Good Luck!

jking u
yes my moms friends husband was doing the same thing and she caught and now they are getting a divorce

i dont think so.. might be he is realy going out side wid friends male frienz.. :P

Gran Gran
He may not be cheating but he is definitely not a man. You married a boy. Hopefully you did not make babies with this guy.
He is more into himself than you.

It is time to take care of yourself...You go girl!
Dump the loser.

Pupil»-(¯`v´¯)-» all
i wish he is not :)

having done that myself i would say yes he is

Not always. But it can be ...

Do his friends come over to your home? Do you know who he is going out with? Maybe he just needs some "Him" time. Will he let you go out with your girl friends?

Maybe you should just ask him.

Texas Made!
he probably just want to get away sometimes

Start going out with him too. Just hop in the car when he is leaving. A divorce is as easy as a marriage proposal.

hanging out with friends is not bad....means he needs guys company and likes to have fun.

No dont go fr divorce..tats just ugly


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