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who gets custody of children of unmarried parents in north carolina?
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who gets custody of children of unmarried parents in north carolina?

James B
It will be the mother, unless you can prove without a doubt she is unfit to raise the children.

Who ever is the better (and by that I mean stable) parent. If it's a toss up, I'd say who ever has the better lawyer. Good luck.

It will be completely up to the judge, the mother often has some advantage, but in court both sides will try to prove why they are the better parent and why the other one is not.

Depends,they sorta weigh towards the mother. I,don't understand, why does, anybody, have children and they are not married. I,hope that it isn't for that government check,this is way to sad. The children suffer in the end. But back towards your question,the mother. Good Luck

Usually the mother. The mother doesn't even have to put the fathers name on the birth certificate. And if she doesn't name the father then she has full and sole custody of the child. Even if the fathers name is on the certificate I would be hard for the father to get anything but visitation rights.

Consult a lawyer. However, if your name is the only one of the birth certificate then you are the legal sole parent until he is proved to be the father.

Whomever can care for the children, meaning financially and supportive too. There is such a thing as joint custody wich is what will probably happen unless one parent is unfit to have the children. Hope I answered your question. Seek a free consultation from a lawyer.

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