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why do men ignore their wives?what causes men to become emotionally distant?and why women long for closeness?
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why do men ignore their wives?what causes men to become emotionally distant?and why women long for closeness?

Domino's Mom
The honeymoon is over

Men should understand and realize that when they make a commitment with a woman and they become husband & wife, they should not only consider thier wife as thier lover, servant, they should also consider her to be their best friend! By them not having a friendship as well as a marriage the vows that he had made to her only go in one ear & out the other. Their are alot of women that do the same thing to thier husbands. In order to keep a marriage strong, & everlastingly secure, husbands & wives should be best friends as well. They should respect one another and allow each other to live their lives comfortably. No one should try to control the other one. Everyone has their ups & downs in life, but that should not mean that they have to nag,argue, or take their frustrations out on the other one in a rude & abrupt matter. When you are a couple that means that you should beable to share your thoughts, emotions, love, trust, feelings,etc.with one another. That is not only showing the two of them that they have a true & committed marriage to one another, that is also showing them that they have a true & committed friendship with one another as well!
God Bless!

My husband ignores me or cares less when ever there is a Sports Event on... Women long for it, because they are deprived of it, and need to feel loved and cared about.

Butterfly Girl
The TV causes my husband to ignore me and we have only been married 6 years. LOL, he only ignores me sometimes. I just play with our little beloved kittie. Men are funny sometimes.

Because they are used to her and take her for granted. Men forget that in order for us to become their wives they were giving us that closeness that we needed. Otherwise, we wouldn't be there wives. Plus sometimes there is outside inteference, just being bored with the same old routine, or the simple fact that you have ignored her all along and maybe she is just seeing it.

Nancyjo W
The question you ponder is not generalized to "men" or "women". The question concerns relationships in general, not in gender. If you are being ignored and emotionally deprived, then it is not uncommon to "long" for closeness. Most people long for some sort of bonding with another human, whether it be personal or societal. If you are living in a relationship that is void of what you expect, then the answer is to leave it. That may sound too simple to make sense, but life is short and you should not take up your time complaining if you are not happy with the way things are; only you have control of your happiness.

mrs. mommy to be
because men get bored and women get annoying when they are bored. Do something to spice up your relationship, try new things. Get off your butts, unglue yourself from the TV and go OUTSIDE!!!!

Maybe I'm one of the fortunate ones, I'm not ignored by my husband

Tangula G
Maybe it is someone else

they begin to become distant when the other woman comes into the marriage, and this other woman consumes all his thoughts. women long to be loved, and feel close to their mates, makes them feel connected to him. he is going to be distant if his heart and thoughts are with someone else.

Kari R
I dunno, I dont have this problem! My hubby doesnt ignore me..

For me, it's when all the "compromising" turns out to be me giving in, when the woman is so focused on how she feels, she has no idea who I am anymore. At first I try, but after a while and trying to approach the subject(s) carefully on enough ocassions, I start to think the best thing to do is ignore everything until it all goes away.

This never works, and I am always suprised with the self-centered Princess dumps me.

Fun, huh?

Most of the people who answered your question before me are the typical lame, lay down and die dweebs who don't have any passion and are content being bored right up untill the time they get divorced and then right up untill the time they die ... it's a shame.You are right to wonder.It's not always the guy though.If this is your situation talk to your husband, give him a kick in the ***,tell him you love him and you need more from your relationship, but don't be like the rest of the world and lay down and die. good luck.

Franzia Kafka
Because the movies and TV shows that people watch from the time they exit the womb tell them that men and women and marriage are supposed to be that way.

Bryan M
Because they think about themselves instead of putting their wife and her feelings and needs before himself.

The reason that women long for closeness it because they want to feel loved and appriciated.

Nobody Special
People are stupid!

I personally feel men must get comfortable. ( the ones who don't cheat) They feel they've heard it all, and know what you plan on talking about, or think they know.
Also I feel men's minds are wondering.

I'm thinking the women who yearn for closeness are the ones who don't have it, and the ones who do, try and get less of it.

Men become emotionally distant when their efforts are criticized and belittled frequently. If and when they do make mistakes they are never allowed to forget it.
Women need intimacy. They need to feel loved unconditionally and they need to have all of their needs met. They need their mates to be "partners" and not "children". She needs to be able to confide her innermost thoughts and fears without being told to "forget about it" and "get over it". Validation is part of getting over whatever emotional hurts there may be. Men all too often brush their cares and concerns under the rug. It's hard to balance both of these needs but one should at least recognize and try whether they are male or female.

bordum, once you are married things settle down and couples tend to let romance slide, people forget that they are friends and the stresses of married life settle in, honesty respect and communication tend to take a back seat to stress bills kids. woman need to feel loved its in the way we are raised, closeness = love

Other women is why they ignore their wives, other women is the reason they become distant, and women long for closeness because they're not getting closeness at home. People usually long for what they don't have...

The Emperor of Ecstasy
after awhile the honeymoon is over and reality sets in...familiarity sets in...a man likes new toys to play with and a wife is worn out after awhile...women on the other hand are possessive...once they got you they hook the talons in you and dont let go...

it is because men are men and women are just women - ah duh

Eat Fish
Why won't you stop asking questions? (3 for 1). maybe you talk too much?

I think guys take their wives for granted.

the thrill is gone.

maybe because yall werent ready fo a comitment

smash king
maybe their wives talk too much

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