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why do men watch so much TV?
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why do men watch so much TV?

When hubbys home the tv is his wife. I have no idea.

well there could be many reasons, it could be that that they don't want to have to communicate with you becuase somthing bad happened, or they have lost interest in you, or ,it may seem strange but do you remember the tv show transformers? everyone loved it. but one time i watched it and i hated it, see men's freinds can make them want to watch sertan things somtimes,if there friends talk about nothing but fotball, then that man might want to watch fotball.

the same reason women talk 2 much it just give us something 2 do

Men are very visual. Thus TV provides a visual. I notice women like to read fiction books. While women would rather read a love story men would rather watch it ( If you know what I mean)becasue we are very visual we like to see things.

because us stupid*&**&*(s do everything for them and that leaves them with time on their hands i didnt even see eastenders or corrie tonite because of the footie and yes i work outside the home as well 9 hour shift 8_5 and come home to another days work washed my kitchen floor a half 12 tonite now cant sleep

Because were very very lazy and it's your job to bug us enough so we will get off the couch and do something. ;-)

Not ALL men do. My hubby scarcely ever watches TV. He reads a lot of books, though. As do I. I suppose those that do ... you know ... it's a mind numbing thing .... don't have to think, or act, or respond.

because its jus like the ont thing we do to have free time its like women and shoes and gossit and us men and the remote

They don't have to do anything but watch. this means NO thinking up an answer to questions NO committing to another job NO moving, just relax there is NO wrong answer. Try working 40+ hours a week and seeing no end in sight, You might want to vege a bit too in front of the tube.

i'm a man so let me answer this. honestly it's a lot. but from my personal experience it gets me away from my stressful life. and if my wife wasn't stressful to me maybe i wouldn't watch so much tv and i'd be into her more. So if he's watching a lot of tv he's trying to be good and have a fantasy world in the house instead of out of the house. Ya'lls relationship might not be so cool at this time and maybe it's not so bad but it might need a shot of action.

You must be hanging around the wrong guys because my dad never watched that much and my roomate now does not watch that much either.

see whats the get him happy of the tv and do it for him

As a man who has never owned a television I cannot say, but I've wondered the same of woman.

They don't if people tell you that your crazy I watch WAY to much tv-I'm a girl!

Peirre DeFlare
some do but not all of them! sometimes boys are active and do stuff. Other dudes like that have nothing better to do 'cause they're to lazy!

because tv is great so watch it with your man just don't try to take the remote

because they are TV Freak!!~

so we dont have to hear all u're crap

I thought it was women who do that .

unmotivated to join the world

I don't watch to much TV. Damn G/F won't let me change the channel because of all the soaps and reality shows on TV

They need something exciting to happen, or they will continue to be lazy-asses (excluding me, of course).

There are as many women as men who watch tv and why is this under marriage and divorce?

minnie m
i beg to differ that is not a fact

So they don't have to listen to their wives nag. :P

We're not as social as women. I guess TV let's us escape or something.

its a way to tune out their nagging wife.

It's addicting and entertaining.

cuz they have nothing to do

I dunno but when you find out tell me too!

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