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why does a cheating man act like he is not cheating if he isn't interested in his wife any longer?
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why does a cheating man act like he is not cheating if he isn't interested in his wife any longer?

After cheating on your wife for over a year, why lie and say you have never cheated? Why put everyone through the pain? Do women do this to men?

Because psychologically we start to believe the lies that we tell. One convinces themselves that they are not cheating, since the feeling for the one they are with are gone. So they tell themselves that since they have feelings for the new person and no feelings for the old person that they are not cheating. Plus they get the best of both worlds by not admitting to it!

He won't admit he cheated because he still cares. If he didn't care he wouldn't have a problem admitting that he cheated. Even though you might know he's cheating he doesn't want you to because he doesn't want to see you hurrt. i don't know why we cheat but I do know we feel bad about it no matter what it may seem like.

I would say because they do not want to hurt the woman’s feelings. Instead of just telling them the truth. And yes it works the other way around.

Its their pride or ego. My ex -spouse cheated on me and I got proof... and even though we both had moved on to our new life (at least I AM) - he still won't admit that he did. In fact, he is reversing the story that it was me. At first it bothers me, but I have to stop defending myself over some stupid accusation. It was his loss not mine... Now he is living in despair to get back to me.. and I SAY, "Heck NO!"

Honestly or should I say personally...Ive been cheating for almost 3yrs the reason I dont admit yet is for fear of being alone. Iam not very interested in my husband but I stay because its what im used to and because of the kids. It has recently come to the point Ive considered leaving him and telling him about the affair so I can wash my hands of the guilt but I really dont know if it solves anything or I just leave without him ever knowing about it

Both men and women are guilty of cheating and lying about it. There are as many reasons for lying as there are people doing it.

I would presume reasons to include guilt, not wanting the marriage to end, not wanting to be the guilty party in a divorce and lose a ton of money and assets, etc.

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