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why does my ex put me down all the time?
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why does my ex put me down all the time?

im happy with the way i am ,im alot healther since we split .he constantly puts me down telling me he had my best years and how i haveballoonedd im sick of his insults.i have no escape as i have a child to think about, her relationship with her dad is important to me something i want then to get on with by themselves.why does he have to put me down all the time and not praise me for the fantastic job im doing with our child,bringing her up alone.he never attends school meetings hospital appointments or even asks about her education .he sees her foe a few hours on a sunday and provides no support

Julie Jones
Your ex is a pillock, with very low self esteem to keep putting you down. Your daughter will still need to see him though, she will make up her own mind in time, just bite your lip and tell him politely but firmly not to insult you. You need to boost your own self esteem, I have read some of your other comments and you seem to attract low life men, possibly you need therapy to break that cycle. Ive been through similar, but survived to tell the tale.

highbury girl
As Eleanor Roosevelt said " No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" so make sure you are alone and tell him straight, his opinion of you does not count any more, it's over, and for the sake of his relationship with his daughter he had better keep his views to himself. Does he really think your daughter will condone his behaviour, no. In the long run he will miss out, and he is angry because you are doing so well. chin up and don't let anyone pull you down.

He has no rights to make personal remarks about you. You are not in a relationship and what you look like, how you dress, etc., is no concern of his. Tell him to keep his opinions to himself because they no longer interest you. He is not fulfilling his parental responsibilities and insulting the mother of his child. People who put other people down are usually doing it to make them feel better about themselves.

Serene E
TELL HIM TO SHUT UP AND DON'T PUT YOU DOWN!!!! Lady, stand up for yourself!!!! Don't talk to him unless you have to, drop the kid off or pick her up outside the house or whatever you have to do to stop talking to him!!!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF< GIRL!!!!!

An Ex is an Ex, cross it out and move on

You seem obsessed with what your ex says.

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