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why is my ex-boyfriend stalking me when he already has another girlfriend/baby momma?
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why is my ex-boyfriend stalking me when he already has another girlfriend/baby momma?

I broke up with my boyfriend because he had got someone pregnant while we were together...Now he's continues to follow me around the place...he pops up at my school, my job, even my friends house and he lives nowhere near me. I already got a restraing order but that **** don't work..I want him to leave me alone, I'm tried of watching my back everytime I leave the house.

Document everything, have solid proof then sue his *** in court for harassing you.


Yea he has problems. Some stalkers will take it to the extreme and cause you harm so be careful. The reason the restraining order doesn't work is because you're not enforcing it. Keep a camera with you and when you see him, take his pic as proof he is there or make sure you are always with friends/coworkers so that they can provide affidavits. Call the cops. A few days in jail will change his mind about things.

♥*♥Bahamian Gal♥*♥
he misses you now go to the police again and tell him that he's not following his restrain order that should work

He has realised that you were the best he could have and is now trying to win you back. Don't allow him anywhere near you, seems he is a confused man or probably he thinks he can get away with it. Damn him!! He is not yours if he was you could still be together, tell him to go to hell.

well if hes breaking the restraining order then youo should ring the police and they will do somthing more seroious to get him away from you (i would hope ne way)

I think he follows you around because he is trying to go after why he can't have anymore. He sounds like he wanted to have his cake and eat it to. With you standing up for yourself and dumping him, he's frustrated, and that's why he follows you around. My advice, don't second guess yourself. Leaving him was the best thing you could do. I would get the police involved even more if you can. Good luck.

he still has a thing for you maybe he thinks he can get you in bed dont fall for his trap .stalking is not legel call the polise

and she will do the target

Gurl he relized that he made a big *** mistake and when u left his sorry *** he came to relize that u are the one he want 2 be with... gurl it got more guys out there and plus was he with you when he got oh gurl pregnant?

Contact the authorities!!! And tell them this guy is not abiding by that restraining order!!!!

tell him how u feel bout that or call his baby moma

Because he still wants you. let him know face to face that he could've had something wonderful but instead be decided to get someone pergnant. Its his lose.

Because he's a crazy control freak. Get a restraining order immediately!

girl you need to call the police to pick up that pcycho.... girl i hope you can fight it and win... i hope the best for you!

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