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why my friend has to pay child support when he have his child 6 month out the year.?
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why my friend has to pay child support when he have his child 6 month out the year.?

she now get food stamps and they want him to pay it back.she don,t give him none of them when he have his kid.

Mommy Love
Alright, child support and stamps are 2 different issues. Food stamps are much like taxes at the end of the year and claiming children, it isn't about who has court custody, but where the kid is physically living to be able to claim them. If she is collecting food stamps for the 6 months her ex has the kid yet claiming the kid is still in her home, well, she is committing welfare fraud and someone should report her. What the father needs to do is ask that the child support be re-evaluated and go back to court to have it adjusted. Sometimes the courts will still determine a parent has to pay X amount of child support even when they have equal custody time if say one parent makes a much higher amount then the other. Instead of say paying $500 for 6 months out of the year she has the kid, he pays $250 for the whole 12 months. It still equals the same, it just means he is stretching his payments over 12 months vs 6 months. Also understand if he has the kid just 1 extra night over 6 months, even if she has court custody, he has the right to claim his kid on his taxes, but he needs to be able to prove he had the kid longer.

in the other question you posted it was YOUR BOY, er make your mind up if its his kid he has to pay in the eyes of the law

He will not have to pay both child support and repay the food stamps. His child support payments will go to the welfare department instead of the mother.

George McCasland
He need to file for modification in child support and custody. The state provides free representation to modify child support. To learn a father's rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It's free to join and you associate with other fathers going through the same thing. http://Dads-House.org Getting Started Http://Ch03a-Daily_Journals_In_Family_Law_Cases.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch03b-Chronological_Statement_4_Attorneys.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch04e-Recording_Conversations-Legality_N_Use.Dads-House.Org/ Attorneys & You Http://Ch04a-Choosing_A_Family_Law_Attorney.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch04b-Interviewing_Family_Lawyers.Dads-House.Org/ Http://www.Helpyourselfdivorce.Com To learn a father's rights, join Dads House in Yahoo Groups. It's free to join and you associate with other fathers going through the same thing. http://Dads-House.org Child Support Modifications & Arrears Negotiating The System http://ch11-Child_Support-Negotiating_The_System.Dads-House.org Modifying The Order http://Ch11c-Child_Support_Modifications.Dads-House.Org Federal Handbook For Non-custodial Parents http://Www.Pueblo.Gsa.Gov/Cic_Text/Family/Childenf/Noncustodial.Htm Rebuttable Presumptions Modifications http://Ch11d-Child_Support_Rebuttable_Presumption.Dads-House.Org Child Support Trust Funds http://Ch11e-Child_Support_Trust_Funds.Dads-House.Org Contempt Of Court Hearings http://Ch11f-Child_Support_Contempt_Hearing.Dads-House.Org Retroactive Modifications Of Arrears http://Docs.Dads-House.org/Federal_Child_Support_Laws.pdf Tax Info http://Ch11g-Child_Support-Income_Tax_Considerations.Dads-House.Org When Support Orders End http://Ch11h-Child_Support_Ends_At_What_Age.Dads-House.Org Modifications Due to New Child http://Ch11i-Child_Support_Adjust_Due_2_New_Child.Dads-House.Org Modification Due Remarriage http://Ch11l-Child_Support_Adjust-Income_Of_2nd_Spouse.Dads-House.Org Child Custody Http://Ch09a-Child_Custody-Can_Fathers_Win.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch09b-Child_Custody-Contested_Considerations.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Docs.Dads-House.Org/Rightsduties&Responsilities.Pdf Http://Ch09c-Child_Custody-Joint_Custody.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch09d-Child_Custody-Cooperative_Parenting.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch09e-Child_Custody-Considered-Factors.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch09f-Child_Custody_Prep_N_Interrogatories.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch09g-Child_Custody-Bird_Nest.Dads-House.Org/ Http://Ch09h-Child_Choosing_Custodial_Parent.Dads-House.Org/

This should be 50/50 if its shared custody But she may need help if she cant work while she has the child ? Does he work ?? You need legal advice on this

If your friend has the child for half the year then he only pays half the child support he is paying out now. I dont know how things work in your part of the country but in UK its around 15% of a mans wage that gets paid for maintenance for the child, but each day or weekend or week that the child is with the father reduces the amount he pays. Get some information from a solicitor where you live and get your finances sorted out.

What? So she gets food stamps? He still has to pay support. He needs to get with his lawyer.

He needs to take it to court

Common sense isn't anymore..
He should file for child support for the 6 months he has the child.

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