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why would a man stay married even if separated for 15 years ?
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why would a man stay married even if separated for 15 years ?

I met a man who was married in UK had two kids then was legally separated. He since had a long term relationship and had more children,but didn't marry this woman. He left this partner but turns out he is still not divorced from the original wife. I dont understand why he would not make it a priority to get this sorted out. T.

Might be fore tax reasons

Rock, Paper, Scissors
It could have been benefiting him during tax time. If he's married he gets taxed less than filing as single.

Couldn't be bothered Costs too much No legal child support Can't marry anyone else Stops wife from marrying again Keeps his options open Religious and doesn't 'agree ' with divorce Not got around to it...and the longer it goes on the harder it is to start to divorce as he likes the status quo

daljack -a girl
Maybe this is his way of making sure he doesn't get married again. Sounds like a good idea to me if that's his reasoning.

Its cheaper to keep her.

He's legally separated, which means he is pretty much considered divorce minus all the expenses. What makes you think he doesn't have things sorted out? He has obviously lived this way for many years and its worked fine for him. I think you need to ask why you feel its not ok with you!

Alicia C.
Because he doesn't want to. There is a reason why he is holding on to the marriage.

The Clocks are striking Nineteen
He's lying

It prevents his ex from moving on. Of course a guy couldn't possibly know what goes on in a guys head.

My guess is that he remains married on paper, so that he doesn't have to marry any other woman he dates, since theoretically he's a married man.

No legal requirement to send money.

Divorce is expensive =) Or at least it is in the US.

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