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would you consider 13 to still be a little girl?
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would you consider 13 to still be a little girl?


yes not til you are 18


Not so much a "little girl", but a young teenager.
But at the age of 13 you have so much to learn, experience, and go through.
Your life is just beginning.
Now it gets tough.
But these teenage years will always be the best part of your life.
So make it good, enjoy them, and be a good girl.
It will pay off in the end, when you become an adult ;)


yes. i think at age 14, thats when you kinda grow out of your "little kid" stage.

Yes. A little girl who most likely thinks she is more grown then she is. There is nothing wrong with being "a little girl". Just grow up at your own pace, appreciate your peers & respect the wisdom your elders have.

truth teller


no cause.... 13 has a teen on the end just like 16 and 17 have teen on the end sooo...what makes a difference....

Yes! You have so much life ahead of you, you don't know what is in store for you; those experiences will shape who you ultimately will become.

In the Anglo cultures you would get a resounding and violent yes but in most others there is a tacet, permissive if not statutory no. The laws and such allow things to take place at about that age as one would expect but don't you dare even suggest such things in the US or Britain or the ANGLO world selectively.....


young not little.

no, not really a "little girl"..but yet far from being a woman. 13 is just beginning the teen years and there is sooo much to see, learn and do. I am a little older and a parent & step-parent and I have a 19, 16, and two 15 yr old girls, and two boys 12 & 9. My 19 yr old is fixin to have a baby next month and my other 3 girls, still at times I can see the "child" in them. Why do you ask if that is still considered a little girl?

I'd consider them to be a teen, but that does not mean adult, by no means is a 13 year old anywhere near being an adult.

If you were my daughter I would ALWAYS consider you to be a little girl. When I look at my girl I can never look at her without thinking of her as my little girl. I think that in society though that 13 is normally considered a teen not a little girl. It really all depends on who is talking, most 13 year old girls definitely do not think of themselves as little girls, and the older you get the more you are going to think how young 13 is.

No question about it

It's tricky because I would've said yes if you were 12, but no if you were 14. 13 is an in-between age, you're new at being a teenager and you won't fully be out of your little girl days.

katie c

what world are you from, yes that is still consider to be a little girl. Here is a fact for you to think about, in your parents eyes you will always be their little girl even if you're 34yrs old.

Dear Lulu,

Thirteen is a "doorway" age. You are not a child, but you are not a woman, yet. You have had some life experience, but you are still wrapped up in your own feelings and situation and are not as able to put yourself in another person's place - which is a big part of being mature.

Age is not relevant to what you want to accomplish in life, but maturity gets you ready for a a happy, productive life. Stay close to God and keep your heart pure. You'll go far with that combination. :) Oh... and don't be in a rush. It will happen. :)

S. Elizabeth

git r done
just because 13 is a teenager doesn't mean your not a little girl.

kelly r
yes of course shes a little girl

Not so much a little girl, but more of a young lady.

gypsy g
I felt far from a little girl @ 13. But I was very developed physically and had alot of adult responsibilities...yes that was back when kids had responsibilities. But looking back now, I was just a child...and feel my childhood was a little stolen from me.

not a little girl

still a child though, not old enough to make 'adult decisions'

Hey! Are you 13? I personally think that you're not a little girl, but not yet a women. You are not ready for lots of things but you are on the other hand ready for lots of things. You understand a lot more than you did last year right? 13 is a difficult year to judge because it depends on the person you are? Are you childish or mature? You know what i mean it all depends

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