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America Vs Russia WAR?
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America Vs Russia WAR?

Who would win a war between just these two countries ?


Russia.. They will fight on.. well after all the fancy technology, nukes and smart bombs finish.. at which point when the real war begins .. shall be exactly when US courage also evaporates.. Hand to hand .. 1 russian can do 10 yanks.. easily

Make love instead of war

☠LCPL USMC (773 Ring Circus)
Russia could never invade the United States... First off... most of their equipment is decades old... Second.. They only have one aircraft carrier.. They would not be able to invade the US due to a lack in the ability to provide their forces with air support. The US, with forces deployed all around the world could strike Russia from anywhere. There is really no comparing the two nations when it comes to power projection. The US is unmatched.

billy j
Russia because the U.S Government won't allow our military to fight a real war. We have to play games and baby the terrorist. If allowed to fight we could end the war in one day.

Total destruction of entire world, it shall not have any limitations. Let America get resolve the global conflicts rather one conflict 'al-qaida'


i am american ,and the answer is nothing to gain and to much to lose no one could win that war it would weaken both country's then another country would come in and take over both.after the radiation cooled down

The question is too vague. If the war was over another country that was not bordering Russia, then the USA would win. If the war involved naval forces, the USA would win. Basically, Russia even as the USSR did not have a navy that could defeat the USA. So if the war was expeditionary in nature, then the USA would win. If Russia had to invade the USA, they would lose. If the USA had to invade Russia, Russia would win. If the war was in a country that bordered Russia, that would be interesting, favor would be in favor of Russia if it was a limited war, but if the USA could strike inside Russia, the USA could possibly win, but it would depend on a lot of things, so it could go either way. If it were a nuclear war, the USA would have an edge because of defenses, but it wouldn`t matter overall because both countries have enough to overwhelm the other still, both would be destroyed.

not to sure , but beware of china !!

It depends. Where is the war going to be fought? And who is going to throw the first blow? And what is the war being fought over? Is it primarily a land battle, a sea battle, or a long range weapons fight? I think these are important things needed to know to answer this question however I'll give it a shot anyway. If Russia were to invade the US, it would be VERY close. They have far too many troops, and we're not going to risk the lives of US citizens to win a war. If it is a sea or LR weapons battle, the US would dominate. Our technologies are far more advanced that Russia's. I hope i satisfied.

None both loses when they go to War.

We will never know the answerand I will tell you the reason. Most people think America will win, but we never know the secrets of the two countries, maybe Russia has a new system where they are stronger? And maybe the friends of Russia (we don't know all the friends) will fight for them, and maybe for America, so this is a good question, but it's not answerable since we don't know enough info, the president of United States and Russia might not now the answer as well. It all depends on the allies, and their systems and plans and generals/commanders.

you're never going to get an honest answer, because 1. American nationalists will say "USA OF COURSE" 2. people who hate the US will automatically say Russia just to spite the US 3. if there are Russians here, of course they're gonna say Russia 4. there is an over abundance of Americans on yahoo answers, therefore making this biased just use your own judgement

As of now America as Russia is in turmoil after perestroika!!!!!!!!! Otherwise nobody in the world could beat the former USSR???????

the americans because the russians would be too busy drinking vodka

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