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Are the Marines really part of the Navy?
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Are the Marines really part of the Navy?

My friends from the Marines never give me a straight answer on this.

Think about the name.....

The Marines are essentially naval soldiers and date back to when ships would carry a detachment of soldiers to repel borders and perform gaurd duties etc.

Both the U.S and UK Marines have now evolved into highly efficient assault troops but the parent service will always be navy.

The Marines are part of the Armed Forces, they have their own chain of command. They do not work for the NAVY, they have a different mission. The Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and the Marines can work with each other but are separate entities.

No, they are a separate naval service with their own budget
and mission statement

in every other major country who has a navy, their marines are within the naval ranks. the marines are not separated from the navy as it is in the USA, the USA is the ONLY country in the world that their naval infantry component is a separate entity from the navy. the Marine Corps falls under the Dept of the Navy but as a separate entity. Myself, being a former marine knows that the marines and the navy are a very close team, When i was in boot camp, every thing was in naval terms, head, ladderwell, port side, starboard side, etc. and yes our paychecks came from the dept of the navy

not no but... Hell No. The Marines have no medical staff so the Navy takes care of those services for them. They often work with the Navy but are separate.

November 10, 1775 is the celebrated birthday of the US Marines. After several attempts by the American colonies to work out some sort of reconciliation between the Crown and the American people, the Colonial Congress decided to take a sterner attitude. A committee of the Congress drafted a resolution to create a new military unit, called the Continental Marines.

Four separate Marine Expeditionary Units (Special Operations Capable) deploy for six months, each having an average strength of 2,200 Marines and Sailors. Consisting of three to five amphibious assault ships, they move freely across the high seas without clearances or other diplomatic restraints. They represent the United States most flexible means of exerting force abroad.

Phillip P
Considering that the former LES (Leave and Earnings Statement) for a Marine used to say 'Department of the Navy' at the top. I would think yes. Pressure from Marine brass pressured the Department of Defense to re-label such LES as the Marine Corps.

Considering that the Marine Corps still uses the Navy for all support functions (Medical, Supply, etc), it would be safe to assume that the Marines are still indeed part of the US Navy.

Also, consider that the military academy for the Marine Corps is the US Naval Academy, and US Navy ROTC is the career path for Marine officers not going through a service academy.

The Marines are their own separate entity. The Navy does most of their bulk transportation. The Marines maintain their own smaller craft (Jets, Tanks and the like) The same is true for the relationship between the Army and the Air force.

Timothy Summer
No. The Navy at sea and transport the Marines to land.


yes they are, i think the word marines gives it away

Yes... they fall under the Department of the Navy. Look at their paychecks - it says the same!
I know 'cause I was stationed with them on every Naval base I was on.

Originally they were. They were the landing parties.
Then they separated. The Navy still provides transport and some cover support for the troops when practical.

Yes the marines are part of the navy.

no..the marines are part of the military

No, but they need to have the Navy take them where ever they need to go.

Not only do they do amphibious landings.
They also provide security within the fleet.
Former Coastie here.

no the marines are thier own branch of the armed forces and since most of thier adventures require them to assalt from the ocean they are usually with the navy but are not a direct part of them

yes they are

yeah duh



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