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Are we heading for war with Russia ?
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Are we heading for war with Russia ?

Sir Lexus Pilled Up Frank
It's all a big plan for both sides to secure more contracts within their own countries for the production of weapons and stuff. There will be no war certainly not over Georgia.

Oswald W
We are not heading for War with anyone . Russia is heading for a war with the Smaller countries around her and she is constantly testing the Moods of Nations close to her by provoking them to their limits. I am with Britain & America on this one. Russia is the Big Bully.She will get her Come-Uppance

Julie M
no it will be too risky for the west and don't they know it, have people forgotten how big Russia is do people realise how many powerful communist countries there are , think about it and yes i agree the morons in London will follow the Americans .the blind leading the blind.

No way. Russia is about to be the major supplier of natural gas and oil to Europe. It is time the USA.concentrated their political ambitions to their side of the Atlantic. In my opinion much of the present World conflicts are the result of USA foreign policy. If it will change for the better once G.W.Bush is no longer in power........who knows ?

michael R
We can't, Bush wants to, but we just don't have the man power to do so with out bringing back the draft, although the US is trying to get NATO to do it, or so it seems

Russia is now once again force that should be given full respect, purely because of its numbers. What I think we should ask is: Would Russia dare start a conflict with the west?

I have the same view as DEVILS ADVOCATE, unless our government thinks for themselves and don't go to war if the Americans do then we will be at war with russia, ANOTHER COLD WAR. But I doubt that america will go to war with russia, they don't have enough troops and they have to much to lose, it's all about oil.

Definatly not, US said they will not take millitary action agains Russia.

Ron g
Its possible, especially if McCain is president. He doesnt seem like the diplomatic type. Right now tensions are sky high between the two nations. All it takes is Russia feeling threatened and invading Poland or one of the Eastern NATO countries, then yes we will go to war. A missile shield wont do sh!t against an blitz of tanks. US is so stretched thin at the moment that Russia knows it can invade and the US will only talk tough and cant back it up.

No. The thing that is going to happen though is the missile defense shield Russia is so pissed off about is going to be implemented in several of those former Soviet states. We might also set up an air base or two if the former Soviet countries would allow us to. What I think about all this mess about Georgia right now is this is just a test to see how far Russia can go with its "power".

McCain's top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, was until March a registered lobbyist for the Republic of Georgia. His firm continues to work on behalf of Georgia A public relations firm working for the Russian Federation pointed out Scheunemann’s lobbying past to reporters — a sign that McCain’s stance is not, for better or worse, being welcomed in Moscow — as did Obama’s campaign. “John McCain’s top foreign policy adviser lobbied for, and has a vested interest in, the Republic of Georgia and McCain has mirrored the position advocated by the government,” said Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan, noting that the “appearance of a conflict of interest” was a consequence of McCain’s too-close ties to lobbyists. McCain also calls for NATO to be inserted into the conflict, though Georgia is not a NATO member. McCain also dusted off his bizarre call for Russia to be kicked out of The G-8. And Randy Scheunemann immediately tried to politicize the conflict - without however mentioning that he was a lobbyist for Georgia. Further, McCain is ensnared irretrievably by the lobbyists he's surrounded himself with. Americans can't be sure of knowing what kinds of conflicts of interest lie behind John McCain's pronouncements on both foreign and domestic issues. For nearly a week now, John McCain has seized up the coincidental timing of Georgia's conflict with Russia and Barack Obama's vacation in HI. By gushing support for Georgia Pres. Mikheil Saakashvili and racheting up his rhetoric against Russia, McCain is betting that the spotlight will convince voters he's an experienced leader who can handle international crises (and that Obama, by comparison, cannot). But McCain is also running the risk of overreaching, particularly with his annoucement 8/13 that he's dispatching two of his top surrogates, Sens. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), on a fact-finding mission to Georgia. As the week winds down, will voters see McCain as a take-charge executive, or a posturing war monger? Will Obama be seen as disconnected amateur, or a candidate appropriately deferring to the Bush administration to handle the crisis? The White House has started to panic over a July 9 meeting between Condi Rice and Mikheil Saakashvili, desperate to suggest they didn't encourage Georgia's crack-down in South Ossetia. Given that panic, I wonder whether Karl Rove had any similar chats with Saakashvili when they were in Yalta together just days later? Now, there's been a lot of justified chatter about the role of Randy Scheunemann, who appears to be advising the Republic of Georgia at the same time as he provides campaign advice to John McCain. ... There's something going on--and given Karl Rove's presence close to the scene of the crime, I've got my suspicions.


There has been problems with russia for so many years. They are still far too powerful to mess with. Russia has been involve in selling guns to so many country. War.... no.

Larry B
get georgy out before he starts one and drags us in with him, because this one would be the last one.

well I don't know what your country your from, but I really don't like the feeling at the moment, it's very unstable. I'm still a little confused as to what Russia's reasons are for it's diabolical and frankly tyrranical treatment of Georgia. I hope Britain doesn't go to war but we can't stand by and watch Russia destroy any nation that it feels is standing in it's way.

andrew c
who are we?NO we in the U.K. ARE not HEADING FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA we have more sense PERIOD.

dels replies

stephen s

John Camus

only if the USA starts one and then the morons in the UK government follow suit


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