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Can I join the military if I have smoked pot in the past?
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Can I join the military if I have smoked pot in the past?

yes, you'll get a waiver for it. Also make sure you don't do it anymore.

Yes, just don't smoke it now. They won't know about your past drug use unless it is still in your system.

New Dog Owner
Yes as long as you are honest about it with your recruiter.

wow one
yes, but depending on how many times you admit to may disqualify from certain jobs. If you have done it within the last 30 days prior to taking your physical you may pop positive. This will disqualify you. Good luck.

Batareikin aka. Bull Goose Loony
Oh, come on! I didn't serve in US army, I served somewhere else, but if you serve in Middle East or any other hot and sunny spot - you'll smoke it, even if you didn't, while you were civvy! :-))) Just remember - MP's can trace you only if you had a puff in previous 2-3 weeks.

pass a drug test and u are in

yes you can, just don't tell your recruiter that. What they don't know, they don't tell.

i know people who admitted to selling and using and have a a security clerence. just make sure your consistant with what you tell your recruiter. dont change you story once its on paper.

Suthern Yankee
Depends on how far in the past, more than a couple of months is pretty safe, they have special tests that can detect it in your hair for a month, but they won't use that method, a standard urine test will be used.

Assuming you've never been arrested for it... here's what you do... KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND LIE! That came right out of my recruiters mouth when I joined. Don't let them talk you into changing your mind and in the long run, it's not that big of a deal. You would run into problems if you were trying to get a security clearance so just say nothing... and stick to your story!

BTW... And NO, you've never even had a toke to try it!

Yes, but they will drug test you, so make sure you've been clean for at least 30 days when you go in.
Good luck!

Chariot 183
your doomed buddy

if not, then how is there anyone in the military??? LOL

That would depend on how long in the past. If it doesn't show up on the tests, you're in the clear!

yes as long as you haven't done it recently. soon they are going to make rules againts tatoos, smoking,and piercings

Y E S, check this out with any US Military Recruiter!!

Ringo G.
sure, they are always lookin for new cannon fodder

ya sure u can

smellyfoot ™
yes. As long as you can pass the drug test.

they'll take any warm body right now

So long as you can pass a piss test (circa two weeks after last time you've smoked), of course.

I don't think that would be a problem, there are a lot of potheads in the service now.

yes, but I would not broadcast that information.

As long as you don't now

did you inhale?

yes you can

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