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Can I still join the air force if...?
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Can I still join the air force if...?

I have been on anti depressants 4 years ago (only for 1 month) and I have smoked weed like 3 times and have not done it for a while (I will never go near it again). BTW I plan on enlisting or trying to enlist a year from now. Please truthful answers, real advice.

do not tell them any of it

Penny S
Weed not a big deal if you admit it or not... unless you want a job with top secret clearance then you have to pass a polygraph test. Antidepressant... admit it... if you were down and the dr tried something but you have no issues then they will not have aproblem with it. They ever pull your medical records you would be hosed. Many people now have been on it and if you are off and have for a long time like you said , again no problem. I have seen people lie and have no problems... but....

The marijuana usage is not big deal as most people have tried it. Just lie because there is no way to test unless you smoked within 45 days from your urinalysis. As for the depression. You need to be honest about the depression because if you lie and they find out once your in, you will get a dishonorable discharge( my friend did in the Army). You can still enlist as long as your off the anti depressants. There are waivers for just about everything but keep in mind that the Air Force is getting more and more competitive. Talk to a recruiter and see what your options are.

The use of anti depressants is an automatic disqualification for a secret security clearance. The real questions here is who knows you have taken anti depressants. Of the things you listed will stop you from getting in, I have on my record that I have smoked marijuana five times and I have a secret security clearance, and am able to get any level of clearance. My advice, tell the truth about the pot, and if it was only for a month and it was quite some time ago, I would not bring up the anti depressants.

This is a difficult question so I'm going to answer it with my experience instead of a direct answer. That may be more helpful. I knew people in the military that admitted to everything they had ever done. Baby asthma that never came back since they were 1 year old, smoking pot once and never again, using pain medication 1 day past the expiration day. It was a huge pain for them to enlist and sometimes the job they got was bad because of it. I knew other people that didn't tell the military anything. They had no problems and sailed through the process and went on to be great members of the military. I knew a guy that sleepwalked once when they were 8 years old. Never before, never again. Didn't tell them, and he never had an issue. The military cannot verify one way or the other unless you have a big scar (which shows obvious previous injury) or your urinalysis comes back hot (showing you're an obvious drug user). They aren't going to ask every hospital and doctor in the entire world about you. If you are clean and have no significant issues, you need to ask yourself which way you want to go. I knew a bunch of people whose answer to every question of "have you ever.... anything?" was NO. And they were fine. I feel like I'm walking a tight ethical line as to the information I'm giving here, so just take those as real world situations instead of specific advice.

usually one time events dont mean they want accept you. they may just want to know the nature of the event for the antidepressants (during a rough period or are you supposed to take them but didnt like them?) if you have experimented with recretional drugs and dont do it again ever, they usually dont hold that against you. check with your recruiter. also check in to the army.

Lie about the weed. Odds are they can't tell anyway, if tested, just say you were at a party but left when they started smoking it so it could be in your hair follicles, won't show up in any other test, blood or urine. the antidepressant episode was very quick, I wouldn't mention that either unless you saw the shrink for months or years.

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