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Can I take online classes while still in the Army and can I still use the post 9/11 GI bill when I get out?
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Can I take online classes while still in the Army and can I still use the post 9/11 GI bill when I get out?

I want to start taking online classes. I have 2 years 10 months left in the Army. Will the Army pay for me to take some online classes and then can I use the GI bill when I get out/go to school full time (not online) or is it one or the other or what?

Chris the Friendly Nerd
Yes, you can use tuition assistance while in the army and still have the post-9/11 GI bill when you get out.

Yes. So you mean to tell me you have never heard of the freaking EDUCATION CENTER or FEDERAL TUITION ASSISTANCE?

You wonder why leadership feels like pulling their hair out. What else can we possibly do besides hold your hand and walk you to the education center to talk to a counselor.

yes u can take online classes and some are paid partially or or fully for with a accredited college. just ask your commanding officer or chain of command for info . also u can use g.i bill after u get out but u have to pass classes or u hafta pay out of pocket, also u hafta use the bill within a few years.

Go to your Education Center and register for Tuition Assistance. That will most likely cover all of your expenses for classes you take now. When you get out of the Army, you will still be entitled to the entire GI Bill. So go forth and take some classes!

Brandon R
You can use your TA and it will not effect your GI Bill. Your TA is capped at $4500 a year anything after that is out of pocket, some schools will include books in their fees others you will pay out of pocket. To get TA get with your first line and let them know you want to use it, fill out the appropriate paperwork, get it signed by CO then take it to education center. You can not recieve TA if you are flagged and need to be aware that the Army will come first in terms of scheduling conflicts between training and school.

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