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Can a 5-star general declare war without the approval of the congress or the president?
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Can a 5-star general declare war without the approval of the congress or the president?

I've always heard that we dont got any 5 star generals in the army because their their power is so great that they would not need the approval of the congress or the president to declare war. Is this true?

Actually they can under certain conditions.

edit: under Military law.

Max G
are u kidding...

My god kid. Read a book. This has to be a joke.

Milos Komazec

Pete T

No not at all

No. Only Congress can declare war.

John gibson @foxnews.crap
Only congress can declare War

No, and in fact there are no 5-stars in the military unless we are at war.

LOL at thumbs down from the ignorant. Here's proof:

Black Hawk
The Joint Chiefs of Staff title is considered a 5 Star but not recognized as so. The last 5 Star General was Eisenhower. And no he cannot start a war but has a very high influence over wars and how they run.

A five star general would still have to answer to the Secretary of Defense and the President. Neither of whom can declare war without the approval of Congress. If two people who outrank a five star can't declare war then why would you assume the five star himself could?

Mother Hubbard
Sounds like a pretty big loophole- but anything is possible.

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