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Can employers find out the nature/reason for your military discharge?
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Can employers find out the nature/reason for your military discharge?

I was honorably discharged from the military for "adjustment disorder". I am now wondering how much about my discharge a potential employer can find out about??? thanks in advance, and please dont judge me i've had a hard enough time dealing with my situation already

They can obtain any and ALL information about your Discharge...especially if it has anything that needs a Security background check... It also give the dates you were in Service... Was it an ELS Separation or Not ??? Were you ever in Combat ???

Some jobs require a security clearance or in-depth background check. I've run across this in applying for work with the Federal government, and even city employee jobs. These employers do have the right to access your military service records - there will be a form you are required to fill out giving them permission to do so. However, unless you are going for a very high security clearance or you are planning to join a police force (there may be concerns that you wouldn't adjust to their Academy training), I don't think most employers will much care beyond the fact that you were honorably discharged from the U.S. military.

Mr. Spork
If you were discharged honorably then you have no reason not to be proud of your service. I was an employer once, and I would have had no problem with hiring someone such as yourself who had served honorably.

Al Bundy Jr.
All you have to do is list that you served in the Army with an Honorable Discharge! The employer don't have a need to delve into the specifics of your character of service! On the other hand if you received a General Discharge, OTH or BCD , It sends up a "red flag" to the potential employer!!!

Wayne C
The type of Discharge and any Court Martial transcripts are public domain. All they can confirm is the dates you were in and the word Honorable. If it is a General under Honorabole conditions that is what they will get as a response. The National Archives site has a page for requesting info available to the public. They will not get anything like your SSN, home of record or some other personal info. Go to the site and you can see exaclty what anyone can get from NARA about any Vet.

Usually employers want to the see the Discharged letters, honorable, under honorable conditions or bad conduct discharged that's all they want to see. Its rarely that they care about extra information the only time you have to worry about it is when your discharged is not a honorable because people want to know why didn't you get a honorable and that's when question are asked.

I doubt it. You blend in with every other service member who was honorably discharged because simply their contracts were fulfilled.

only if they know how to read a DD214.

None. Unless you tell them. They can request an abbreviated service record from the US Archives using a FOIA request but that will just give them dates and places of service, awards, MOS held and the type of discharge not the reason. Edit: You are under NO obligation to give any employer a copy of your DD-214.

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