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Can haveing my appendix out affect my chances of getting in the army?
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Can haveing my appendix out affect my chances of getting in the army?

I have been differed from the army since 2008 until 2010 I am now able to reapply but since then I have had my appendix out and been to get my nose straightened both last january would this stop me from gettin in the army?

red top

Pete T
No. The appendix is an unnecessary part of the body and I would guess getting your nose worked on makes you breath better , so I see no problems. I wouldn't even mention them unless asked.

Future Sailor
Yea u may be a DQ, because I'm sure that required a major surgery. U would definitely need a waiver and I really the the possibility of that happening around now are slim to none.

Quick and simple answer to this question, for your appendix no unless there was complications which I hope not. This is a routine op and I had mine taken out whilst I was serving and was back on duty 2 weeks later. The nose job, well depends what it was for. If the op was to straighten your nose then no it should not affect your application, but if the op was for medical reasons then they would have to be checked out.

All in all though if your reasons of being differed have been sorted and you are having no physical problems with both ops then there is no reason it will effect your application at all.

Eric Miller
You'll be fine.

A friend of mine in my DEP pool had an appendectomy with complications (they didn't clean him out correctly and he got 3 serious infections, lost 20lbs in 2 weeks, etc.).

He came back 6 months later (required wait period for major surgery) and joined up just fine, waiver cleared just fine. This was 2 weeks ago.

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