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Can people join the military if they have HIV/AIDS?
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Can people join the military if they have HIV/AIDS?

Just wondering.

Fidel Castro



Sweetdaddy Rex
NO !

No, they want healthy members.

Sir Duke L Lawwit III
Close the door on your way out please sir.

No, they test for that at MEPS. If you are positive for HIV/AIDS you're disqualified.

No, it's an automatic no. They won't and will not let anyone in with HIV/AIDS. It's a discharge.

Nastya O.o
I don't think so lol. They probably first inspect the person if they have any diseases or abnormalities.

NOPE...a Permanent DQ...

Ms Lovely
No because people's lives have a higher risk of being in danger with even a cut or any type of bleeding from the carrier of the disease. If you have a contagious illness, you will not be able to pass the physical, and therefore you will be denied entrance into the military. This is a very good question and I hope I gave you a reasonable answer.

No, you're DQ'ed if you test HIV positive at MEPS.
It's a different story if you're diagnosed when you're already in the military.
But, if it's found at MEPS, you're going to go home. Besides the risk of having a HIV positive recruit serving, the military also doesn't want to pay for anything medically related to the illness, or to spend money on training the recruit if it's known that s/he can't be deployed.

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