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Can you join the u.s. army without a high school diploma?
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Can you join the u.s. army without a high school diploma?

Cracker Jack 4
No, You will need a High School Diploma!! :-)

not likely this year . recruiting standards have been met and passed, army is overstocked so they are more selective now. Do you know the crazy thing? if you have your GED ur most likely can not get in, but if you dont have a diploma you have the option of GED plus of some crazy program where u get it through the army. doesnt make much sence but they put alot of money into that program so they want to get some use out of it. i'd wait until october if i were you when the fiscal year begins again...bonuses are out for most jobs right now

I ♥LOVE♥ my ♥Husband♥
yes but with a ged you need to score 5

you can join with so many bad marks in your past its redic... there are so many waivers out there, all you need is a recruiter who fights for you. i know a few who have enlisted without geds or diplomas... and gang violence, and drugs, etc.

Veggie Marine
For the Marine Corps, you need to be at least 17 years of age with parental consent, and have either a HS diploma or a GED with 15 college level 100 credits. I assume it's the same for all branches.

Johnny B. Goode
No, you cannot.

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