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China, Russia, N. Korea, & Iran VS. US... who would win in war?
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China, Russia, N. Korea, & Iran VS. US... who would win in war?

I think the US will lose....

Nikki H
To put it bluntly, I hope it would never happen. Not exactly my free time thought question. I think we have enough going on with out thinking up new wars!
But thanks for the 2 points, anyway

I think you're a ******* douche-bag, grow up and let go of mommies tit.

If we ignored protocol and the UN we could nuke everyone and we have the technology to prevent others from nuking us, except Russia. CURRENTLY only Russia is a threat to us.

thomas p
Hmm, a mass, inter-continental Nuclear exchange..by the looks of it, Europe would be the only worthwhile thing standing...

Its been proven that the US find it hard to fight one country so they will lose against two at once,especially China.But the US have allies that wouldnt watch America get destroyed such as Britain.

The US because we got the nukes baby. Iran and N. Korea are a joke. Also, we have allies that wouldn't watch us get pwned.

You war monger!! Think peace and not war.

China and Russia would, if we had to fight them on their turf like the Germans did! Iran would not! We wouldn't lose to Iran, but who is going to fight them? All our troops seem to be occupied at the moment!

man, dont you know by now. the United states kicks evryones ***.thats because we worshup the true living God. besides if it came to an all out war it would be a nucular war. what country ever invade the the us and one not one. noone.

The US alone has the best Navy hands down...therefore none of the countries listed could get significant troops on our homefront....without nuclear weapons it isn't much of a contest. Our Submarine force would absolutely obliterate any troop convoys.

US hands down.

Right now, a very close when to the other contries. Our Millitary is mostly overseas. In a couple of years when they get nukes, nobody. We'll be in a nucular war.

Black Sabbath
U.S. would prevail with a mass draft. Our technology, and our isolated position is very hard to invade.

jamie s
The U.S. would win.. Isreal and the UK would come to help I'd hope.. Plus are they attacking the U.S.? If so, we wouldn't need anyones help to win...

If China and Russia were against us? I think we would probably lose.. Since Russia has a large stock-pile of nukes capable of destroying us, I doubt we would use our nukes against them. And they just have more man-power.

Camping Chick
Well, Since I am in the US I would hope us. As, I don't like the way the other countries treat their citizens. If you had not added China to the mix, I would definitely say US. We have the techno but the Chinese have, well lots of our military secrets thanks to Bill Clinton, but also the size of their army. Frightening really.
I think that a war like this could be "The End of the World As We Know It" (REM song).

You better pray to all that you know as holy that we don't. You have no clue what its like to really lose your rights and freedoms. This site would be one of the first to go.

Russia has the allies the CIS (common wealth of independent states) which is the largest army in the world not to mention if they were to get the first strike we would go into a mass panic, riot, and lose

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