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Contracts for Marine Corp and Navy, are there two year active duty and two year reserve contrcts?
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Contracts for Marine Corp and Navy, are there two year active duty and two year reserve contrcts?

I'm seriously considering joining the service, and just don't know if I want the four year active duty and four year reserves contracts that the marines just offerd me. I'm going to be twenty one if I join and just don't want to 25 going back to college and 28 by the time I get graduate from college. Are their two year contracts for any of the armed forces?

I know when my husband signed they do not do a 2 year contract. They do 4 years for both. I'm sure it is probably the same for marines. It is a waste of time to train someone who will be gone after two years.

Navy does have 2by6 (active/reserve) contracts. Couple of answers above have partial info. The more training required for your specialty (MOS/NEC) the more time you have to spend on active duty. If you're getting into advanced electronics, you'll be doing 4 to 6 years, machinist, electrician... you can get a 2by6. Within the Marine Corps is not only infantry, but armor, artillery, transportation, aviation. Within the Navy is subs, surface ships, and aviation, but don't forget the SeaBees, the combat construction battalions. Should you find that you enjoy the service, which ever you choose, you can extend the active portion of your contract with help from a good career counselor.

All DOD contracts for initial enlistment are for a total of 8 Years. These can be broken down in anyway.

If you are not "active" (Meaning active duty, or active reserve or NG) you can be recalled for any reason by the military before the 8 years is up.

I.e. if you enlist in July of 2006 you go active duty, you ETS in July 2010 and you do not go into the reserves of guard you will be on IRR until 2018.

Mark W
The Army has a 15 month enlistment option. You will be Reserves until the 8 year Military Statutory Obligation (MSO) runs out. All branches are 8 years total MSO.

If you are concerned about your age going into college, consider the Army. The Army pushes you to get your degree while you serve. At the end of a 4 year enlistment, you may only need a semester to finish your BA/BS or already be starting on your Graduate degree.

No matter how long you sign up for you will be required to serve the remainder of your time in the IRR. (Individual Ready Reserve) For example, if you did 2 years on active duty you have 6 year commitment to the IRR. You can be called up at anytime. They did it for the first Gulf War.

The standard military contract today is for eight (8) years. The time you spend on "active duty" depends on the length of your military occupational specialty ( MOS ) school. The more "high tech" your school is the more time you spend in school costing the government, therefore the more time is required to repay (active duty). You may spend two years active and six years inactive or four active and four inactive. Anyway you slice it your giving eight years.

Michael A
You will have an 8 year obligation. 4 active and 4 inactive reserve. Or if you go into the reserves you can get a 4 year active reserve and 4 years inactive but then you don't get the reserve GI bill. A 6x2 reserve contract would get you the Reserve GI bill.

The Service don't have contracts. You are obligated, but they aren't. They can change the terms at any time. They can call you back at any time, Yes, right out of college. If you want to go to college go. If you don't have the money, borrow and work part time if you have to. If you don't believe me, ask a lawyer. If you want to join the service and make it a career and it is a fine career, do it, but don't think it's a an easy way for college money. It isn't.

3 year is the minimal time to enlist for the Army, but everyone has to get at least 8 years active, or they will make it up in gurad or reserve time.

Linnea S
You could potentially get a two-year contract. I think the Army has been especially big on this. However, please consider that a two-year contract will probably be for a job that doesn't require a lot of training. My training in the Navy took over two years, and they're not going to put you through that kind of schooling only to dismiss you to the reserves when you are done. Either way, I'm pretty sure that even if you do a two-year contract you will be inactive reserve for the following six years. I could be incorrect (and please, if someone notices this, please say otherwise) but most contracts are for an eight-year total obligation - whether you go six years active duty and two years reserve or four years active and four reserve... it usually adds up to an eight year commitment.

Not these days. Army has 3 year minimum. Rest have 4 years.

Sorry, four years is the shortest for those branches (and that's active, you then have 4 years inactive reserve). You can take college courses in the service and they pay for everything. (Your GI Bill is saved for when you get out). It wouldn't make sense to have a two year contract. Lets take the Marines for example. You have boot camp and after graduation you have MCT (Marine Combat Training), then you have A-school. That's almost a year right there depending on your job and how long it took to class up in school. They spend all that money and you serve for a year? That's not going to happen. Trust me, the time flies by! If you're going to do, just bite the bullet and sign.

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