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Do all enlisted soldiers get deployed?
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Do all enlisted soldiers get deployed?

In today's Army, it seems so.

I've met few who haven't.

Americans Are War Criminals
No, only up to 1/3, usually 1/5

Most services are logistics heavy

It depends on what your military job is. Combat specialties would of course be more likely to deploy but some other specialty codes may not at all.

Ashley Mendoza
like the other person said, pretty much depends on your MOS. im not completely sure if there is any non deployable MOSs but i think theres a chance for any service member to be deployed, but ive heard that it also depends on where your duty station is. good luck!!!

The Army deploys units, not mos's. If you get assigned to a BCT, RCT, ACR, SCR, AIR, etc, you are going to get deployed at some point.

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