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Do you salute enlisted that outranks you?
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Do you salute enlisted that outranks you?

I know you salute and refer to all officers as sir or ma'am but what do you do for enlisted that outrank you?

You go to parade rest, You do not salute enlisted..

You call them by their rank, i.e. yes First Sergeant. You never salute enlisted.

Casey Forrest

Mark C
No, you only salute officers, all officers, weather they are the same rank, or lower, or even higher. Also the only Enlisted person you will salute is the person who has been the Medal of Honor.

Only those holding a "commission" are entitled to a salute. In Canada we call this a Queen's Commission, but there is a similar thing in most militaries.

For Other Ranks (as we call them), you would stand at attention, and refer to them by their rank. An MWO or CWO (in Canada) is entitled to a "sir/ma'am//monsieur/madam."

In practical every day usage on the job, someone only one or two ranks away would probably be on a first name basis with you, depending on the unit, and if there were any "bosses" arund.

Depends on the situation. 99% of the time, no you do not salute any other enlisted member. The only times you would salute an enlisted member that I can think of, is 1) Officially Relieving a Guard on Post, and 2) Reporting to the President of the Board for promotion in the Army.

Also, while it is tradition that anyone regardless of rank will salute a Medal of Honor winner, it is not regulation anywhere so it is not technically required.

yes officers and warrants.

e - 4 and below (unless it s a corporal)in the ARMY you do not give any specialy rendering.

With corporal - E-8 you stand at parade rest when speaking with them unless they advise otherwise, or if your off post off duty.

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