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Does a military wife count as a dependent?
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Does a military wife count as a dependent?

I'm moving to Fort Bragg in a couple months and getting married. I am trying to make a budget as we are living off base. Someone i know told me that military wives do not count as dependents. IS that true?

Military spouses and children count as a dependent. That Someone just dosent know what they're talking about. But anyways, congrats on the marriage!!! I wish you and your husband the best!!!

YES you are considered a dependent if you have a valid military ID. The person that told you military wives are not considered dependents must not be affiliated with the military.

Welcome to military life!

you will most definetly be a dependant....and congrats! Bragg rocks! lol

As a present marine wife, yes, you are considered a dependent, as a wife, you get an extra allowance (you must ask your husband) for grocery's and all...don't worry, they got you covered!
Semper FI!

Heather W
the children or child and the spouse of the military personnel is a dependent. in other words, if you yourself are not in the military you are a dependent. my hubby is in the military. We have 2 kids, their for my husband has 3 dependents.( 2 kids + 1 wife = 3 dependents)

a military wife

Military Wives are dependents. I have been one for 3 years.

MP US Army
If she is non military she counts as a dependent for BAH

If she is also in the military one of you will get BAH with DEP one will get BAH without.

Once you become his wife, you will be a dependant. Check out the BAH pay scales on Dod.gov page. It'll break it down for you with the calculations.

Yes once you get married to your soldier, the Army will consider you as a dependant. I guess you are asking to see how much BAH and such your future husband will receive. Make sure he changes his family size on his LES once you guys get married, so you guys won't have to pay so much taxes. I know a lot of people still pay taxes as if they were single, because they like the big refund, but think about it, you are just giving the government a loan free of finance charges.
I have been a dependant for 17 years now, so whoever is telling you you will not be a dependant doesn't seem to know what they are talking about. I suggest your future husband talks to his finance office or you can contact the ACS in Ft Bragg or any army post for that matter about any budget questions. They will be glad to help you guys to start your married life successfully.

well i don't know what does Fort Bragg law says about that but here in FL all members of a family (assumin' u r already married with no kids so far) count as exemptions ..that means 2 so far (wife and husband) ....and file status as married fillin jointly there'z no way u can be a dependent as long as u have that status....but ...if ur husband files as Head of a household he can claim as many dependents as he want ...unfortunately he can't have HOH and MFJ status as the same time ...so one way or another there'z no way for u to fit as a dependent :P

people that works 4 army navy seals etc etc are not different...they just got more bonds and paperwork to fill out and probably some benefits ...but his job doesn't affect his status or his family status at all :P

hope it helps

If you're talking for tax purposes, spouse and children are all dependents if the other spouse files as head of household.

Not true. Military spouses are dependents in the eyes of the DOD ( department of defense ). I did 10 years in the Army and know this to be true. Also, if you want to plan your budget, type "military pay chart" in google, and you'll be able to see exactly how much you and your husband will be making.

It is logical that the employed spouse would NOT count as a dependent.

James H
If you get married your wife is a dependent as well as any rug rats she brings with her. Whoever told you that has no idea what they are talking about. What else would a dependent be?

‚ô•Cutie Emily‚ô•

My world
The military defines a dependent as anyone that is "dependent on the service member for 51% of their support".

If you are married to a service member, you are classified as a "dependent", or "family member", even if you earn more money than the military member.

Congratulations on the marriage and Army life. Good luck

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